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Unit 3 - SFA

Identity and belonging

What makes us who we are? Family, friends, religion, media
What is a Sacrament? An outward sign of an inward blessing. A stepping stone to God.
What are the 7 sacraements in the RC Church? Baptism, Holy Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation, marriage, Holy Orders, Sacrament of the Sick
Why do parents baptise children? Tradition, member of God's family, Get closer to God
What are the symbols of Baptism? Candle = light of the world, Water = new life, white = purity, oil = strength
What are the role of God-parents in Baptism? promise to pray for the child, to become part of the Christian community, to raise them as Christians
What is believers Baptism? Baptism for adults
Why do some people think believers baptism is better? Own choice, Jesus was baptised as an adult
What is confirmation? Reaffirming your faith for yourself - RC
What happens in confirmation? Preparation classes, presentation, renewal of the baptismal vows, sign of peace, naming
What signs and symbols are used in confirmation? Oil of Chrism, Laying on of hands, be sealed with the power of the holy spirit
What are the effects of getting confirmed? You recieve the 7 gifts of the holy spirit, get closer to God, courage to speak out about things you believe in
What is the aqiqah ceremony? it is the muslim welcoming ceremony for babies
What happens in the aqiqah ceremony? happens 7 days after die, head shaved and the hair is weighed and the same weight in gold or silver given, sacrifice animal - one for boy and two for girls, passages read from Qur'an, name child after Muhammad
What happens in Bismillah? Child is exactly 4 years, 4 months and 4 days. Beginning of child's religious education, learn the Qur'an by heart, The Madrassah
Name 3 symbols of Christianity? The fish, the crucifix, vestaments, crescent moon and stars
What are festivals? A special occasion
Why do we have festivals? to remember an event, remember important people in history
What is a Christian festival? A special event in the life of Jesus
What are the 7 festivals for Christians? Advent, Christmas, epiphany, lent, easter, ascension, pentecost
Why is Christmas an important festival? Jesus was born, God made human (incarnate), virgin mary
How do Christians celebrate Christmas? Go to church, cards, carols, pantomines
What happens at Easter? Jesus rose from the dead - resurrection
How does a Christian celebrate Easter? Going to church, flowers in church, candles in church, Easter Eggs - new life
Name the two major Muslim festivals? Id-ul Fitr and Id-ul Adha
Why celebrate Id-ul Fitr? Marks the end of Ramadam - 4 weeks when Muslims fast during daylight hours
How do Muslims celebrate Id-ul Fitr? Men cut hair and nails, new clothes, men wear white clothes as a sign of purity, women decorate hands with henna
Why do Muslims celebrate Id-ul Adha? It marks the end of pilgrimage
How do Muslims celebrate Id-ul Adha? They pray at dawn, wear new clothes, sacrifice a sheep or goats, cards and presents are given
Why do people worship? way of expressing their faith and identity and to be part of a community
What is public worship? Worship with two or more people
What is private worship? Worship by yourself
Why take take part in private worship? May prefer the peace of their own home
Examples of public worship? Shaking hands, singing in the choir, celebrating the Eucharist, praying together
Examples of private worship? Praying the rosary, reading the bible, meditating
What is Freewill? Being able to have free choices
Waht is a duty? Something you have to do because it is the accepted behaviour or action
What is meant by Authority? Having the power over someone or something
What do Christians teach about freewill? God gave us freewill - Adam and Eve God creates a beautiful garden and names it the Garden of Eden
What is the first sin called? Original Sin
What is the Christian teaching of Duty? follow 10 commandments, love your god and each other
What do Muslims teach about Freewill? Allah gave freewill to humans. Pre-destination.
What do Muslims teach about Duty? Follow teachings of Allah and Muhammad, follow the 5 pillars of Islam
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