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prostate ca Stage A or B (local) tx: Radical retropubic prostatectomy (other tx for nonlocal: ext beam radiation, radiation brachytherapy)
BPH Tx AUA score 0-7 (mild): watchful waiting. Mod/severe: alpha blockers (terazosin, tamsulosin); 5alpha-reductase inhibitors (finasteride, dutasteride); TURP; TUNA
prostatitis tx: men <35 yo CTX 250mg IM (or floxin x 10 day), & doxy x 10 days
prostatitis tx: men >35 yo FQ or TMP-SMX x 10-14 days
chronic prostatitis tx Cipro vs Septra x1-3 mo
epididymitis tx same as prostatitis
tolterodine or oxybutynin (anticholinergic rx) = tx for: overactive bladder; urge incontinence
prostate ca Stage C (local invasion) tx: same as A or B, but less efficacy
prostate ca Stage D (distant mets) tx: hormonal manipulation: orchiectomy, estrogen, LHRH agonists; palliative
testicular ca tx: seminomas: orchiectomy; seminomas: radiosensitive; Stage I tx = xrt to para-aortic / ipsilat iliac LN; II & III: more xrt, or chemo
testicular ca tx: nonseminomas: orchiectomy; nonseminomas: radioresistant; Stage I: retroperitoneal LN dissection; II: surg or chemo; III: surg + chemo
testicular torsion tx manual detorsion; surgical detorsion & orchiopexy; best if done within 6 hrs; f/u is elective surg on contralateral testis
Cystitis: Tx Uncomplicated: FQ (Cipro/Lev/ofloxacin), Keflex, macrobid x3-5days. if resistant E coli, try TMP-SMX
GU Tx Uncomplicated: CTX 125mg IM (tx for CT coinfection). May also use cefpodoxime
NGU Tx (non-PG) CT & Ureaplasma: azithro 1gm PO x1 and doxy 100mg BID x7d
NGU Tx if PG/allergic to doxy Erythromycin 500mg QID x7d
Epididymitis: tx STI: ceftriaxone/doxy x10-21 days; nonSTI: UTI tx (cipro/keflex/septra x21-28 days)
Pyelonephritis mgmt if complicated: In hospital: IV amp & gent, or FQ, until no fever >24h. Switch to PO Abx for total 2-3 wks tx. Cx for TOC
Pyelonephritis (uncomplicated) Tx: outpatient FQ or TMP-SMX x 1-2 wk
Created by: Abarnard
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