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Lifeguard Final Exam

American Red Cross Lifeguard Concepts

When should CPR be performed on a victim? If the victim is in cardiac arrest or unconscious with an obstructed airway.
What should you do after an AED says "No Shock Advised?" Perform CPR for about 2 minutes.
Place the heel of one hand on the center of the chest with the other hand on top.
What should you do once you have turned on the AED? Apply the pads and allow the AED to analyze the heart rhythm.
What is most appropriate when providing care to a conscious infant who is choking? Position the infant so the head is lower than the chest.
What is the cycle of chest compressions and ventilations in two-rescuer CPR for an infant? 15 chest compressions and 2 ventilations.
What is the purpose of a secondary assessment? Identify and care for conditions that are not life threatening.
The bleachers at a swim meet suddenly collapse. Out of all the symptoms in the crowd, who should you care for first?
A stroke.
As the only lifeguard performing CPR on an 7-year old, what cycle would you perform?
You notice a child is choking on food at the concession stand. After activating your EAP and getting consent from the parents, what should you do next?
What should you do if there is a risk of the AED pads touching each other on a small child or infant?
The chest is able to fully recoil between compressions.
Check the victim for responsiveness.
What can you assume about an airway if an infant is crying uncontrollably? The airway is open.
What factors can identify sudden illness?
Created by: koalas2013