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World History

World History Chapter 27 Review Guide World War 1/Russian Revolution

Which nations formed the Triple Entente? Great Britain, France, and Russia (eventually U.S.)
Which nations formed the Triple Alliance? Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy, Ottoman Empire
What brought the United States into the war? A Serbian terrorist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand from Austria-Hungary.
What were the causes of World War I? M-A-N-I-A Militarization (and industry), Alliances, Nationalism, Imperialism, and Assassination
Which nation started the World War I and what two nations escalated it? Serbia --->Austria-Hungary & Russia, then Germany escalated it.
How did the Russian army fair in World War I? The Russian Tsar was incompetent as a general
What types of warfare tactics were common in World War I? How did trench warfare effect the pace of the war? Tanks, flame throwers, and huge canons such as Big Bertha were invented. Trench warfare slowed down the pace of the war and made it a war of attrition; stalemated warfare on the Western Front that led to the war’s expansion
What was war like on the Eastern Front versus the Western Front? Armies on the Eastern Front were mobile, while Western Front armies were not.
How did the war end? Armistice- agreement that brings an end to fighting; Treaty of Versailles; Triple Alliance lost
What were the results of the Treaty of Versailles? Germany paid for the entire war which caused inflation and unrest; Ottoman Empire declined and split up
How did the U.S. and President Wilson contribute at the Treaty of Versailles? Wilson brought 14 points, including the creation of the League of Nations, to bring countries together.
What happened to certain ethnic groups after the war? They were unhappy with their situation post-war. Armenians faced discrimination, persecution, and eventual genocide at the hands of the Turks.
How did Communists gain power in Russia? Protests led to violence and civil war; Communist leaders came back to Russia (some were in exile) to gain power)
What were the results of the Tsar abdicating the throne? civil war and the establishment of a Communist government
What happened to the royal family of Russia, the Romanov Dynasty The Tsar abdicated and they were murdered
What happened on Bloody Sunday in Russia? Petrograd/St. Petersberg workers and peaceful protesters turned violent.
Created by: PLHSWorld1