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Ancient River Civilizations

Harappan Civilization Indus River Valley
Planned Cities Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro
Declined Due to Natural Disaster
Aryans Indo-Europeans
Migrated Through Khyber Pass of Hindu Kush Mts.
Dominate Native Dravidians
Introduce: Caste System Vedas (Holy Books) Sanskrit (language)
Indian Subcontinent Isolated by Mts. Hindu Kush in West Himalayas in East
River Systems Indus & Ganges
Monsoons Seasonal Winds bring rains
Hinduism Aryan Influences Caste System
Belief in Reincarnation Role of Karma
Holy Books Vedas (Brought by Aryans) Upanishads
Spread along trade routes To other parts of Asia
Dominant Religion of India Today (Hinduism)
Buddhism Siddhartha Guatama
Founded In area of present- day Nepal
Religious Ways Four Noble Truths Eight-Fold Path
Emperor Asoka Converts & Spreads through Missionaries
Mauryan Empire Politically unifies India Spread of Buddhism Free Hospitals
Greatest leader Asoka
Gupta Empire "Golden Age"
Mathematics Zero Decimals
Medical Advances Set bones
Literature Mahabharata Ramayana
Created by: RedVamp