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abdomen/o abdomen, abdominal cavity
acr/o extremities, height
aden/o gland
amnion/o amnion, amniotic fluid
anter/o front
arthr/o joint
balan/o glans, penis
bi/o life
calc/i calcium
cancer/o cancer
cephal/o head
cervic/o cervix
cardi/o heart
chlor/o green
chol/e gall, bile
chrom/o color
col/o colon
cost/o rib
cry/o cold
crypt/o hidden
cyan/o blue
cyst/o bladder, sac
cyt/o cell
dermat/o skin
dipl/o two, double
electr/o elecricity
encephal/o brain
enter/o intestine
esphag/o esophagus
eti/o cause (of disease)
fet/i fetus, unborn child
fibr/o fiber
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gum
glyc/o sugar
gno/o knowledge
gyn/o women
hem/o blood
hepat/o liver
hist/o tissue
hydr/o water
infer/o below
kinesi/o movement, motion
lacrim/o tear duct, tear
lact/o milk
later/o side
leuk/o white
mamm/o breast
melan/o black
metr/o uterus
my/o muscle
nas/o nose
nat/o birth
necr/o death
noct/i night
onc/o tumor, mass
orth/o mouth
ot/o ear
opthalm/o eye
path/o disease
phot/o light
prim/i first
psych/o mind
quadr/i four
rhin/o nose
sacr/o sacrum
salping/o uterine tube
therm/o heat
ur/o urine, urinary tract
a-, an- without, absence of
ante- before
bi- two
brady- slow
dia-, per-, trans- through, complete
dys- painful, abnormal, difficult, labored
hemi- half
hyper-, supra- above, excessive
hypo- below, incomplete, deficient
inter- Between
micro- Small
multi-, poly- Many
neo- New
post- After
pre-, pro- Before
sub- Under
tachy- Fast
-ac, -is, -ous Pertaining to
-algia Pain
-cyte Cell
-ectomy Excision
-emia Blood condition
-genesis Origin cause
-gram Record, radio graphic image
-iatrist Physician treatment
-ism, -sis State of
-itis Inflammation
-logist One who studies
-megaly Enlargement
-oma Tumor, swelling
-opsy View of
-partum Birth; labor
-pathy Disease
Vagin/o Vagina
Xanth/o Yellow
Created by: yunue03