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W.H Final Exam


The rebirth of learning and arts that began in Northern Italy during the 1300's was the ___________________. Renaissance
The Protestant church was founded by __________ ____________, during the ____________________. Martin Luther, Reformation
Catholic missionaries are called _____________. Jesuits
The Ottoman Empire was in present day __________. Turkey
Persia was in present day ____________. Iran
The two major religious groups in India are the _____________ and _____________. Muslims, Hinduism
European explorers were motivated by the 3G's, __________ ,___________ , and _________________. God, Glory, Gold
The Chinese emperors palace was known as the ________________ _________. Forbidden City
A Japanese military ruler was known as the ____________ and his warriors were known as __________. Shogun, Samuri
Spanish explores in the America's were known as ______________. Conquistadores
The first permanent English settlement was in _____________. James Town
The trade of British goods, African slaves, and Caribbean goods was the ___________ ____________. Triangular Trade
The exchange or animals, food, and disease between the two hemispheres is the _______________ __________. Colombian Exchange
The belief that a kings power to rule comes from God is ___________ _________. Divine Rights
The most powerful French ruler of all time was ______________. Louis XIV
The Thirty Year War was between _________ and __________ European countries. Catholic, Portestant
The dynasty that ruled Russia for 300 years were the _________. Romanovs
The only person to ever rule England that was not a monarch was __________ _____________. Oliver Cromwell
Scientist began basing theories on experiments during the ___________________ ______________. Scientific Revolution
An absolute rule who tried to rule more fairly was called ___________. An Enlighted Despot
An Enlightenment philosopher who believed people were born with natural rights was ________. Locke
The first battles of the American Revolution were at ___________ and ___________. Lexington, Concord
During the French Revolution, the event which is considered the French Independence day is the ________________________. Storming of the bastille
The Renaissance in England was known as the _ _______________. Elizabethan Age
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