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Study guide for 2nd

Describe the Island of Greece? Rocky, and mountainous`
What, finally enable the Greeks to win the Trojan War? Greeks put together a horse full of soldiers and enemy took the horse inside the house, later destroyed the city.
The Characteristics of the Dark Ages in Greece is? Extreme poverty, no writing, and, no art.
Greek cities build on high rocky hilltops why? So they were more protected from invaders.
Who was the beautiful woman in Greece? Helen Troy
The ruler of Greek gods and the world Zeus
Allowed to vote in ancient Athens? Only civilian Men
Sparta's military was so powerful? Boys start training at 7
Spartans treat sickly infants? They were put outside of the city to die
How did Alexander the Great become to power Conquered the Persian empire and created Greek Empire
What happened to his castle after Alexander died? Empire dived three groups
who was socrates and how did he die He was a philosopher and challenge people for who they were.
Peninsula is Rome located? Italy
Romulus and Remus who were that and who was their father and also who raised them They were legendary twin and Ares was their father and was raised by a wolf and a Shepard.
Why did Julius Caesar assasssinated The senate hated the King. Caesar was appointed dictator for his life.
After Caesar was assassinated Rome fell into civil war. After the was ____________ became Rome's first emperor. Augustuss
Last of the five good emperors? Marcus Aurelius
Might be seen during a day's event at Roman circus? Criminals were fed to lions
Two of Rome's greatest architectural achievements were __________ and the _____________. Aqueducts and the Colosseum
What are the four things contributed to decline Roman empire? Corrupt, emperors, weak army, inflation, and empire was too large.
Who is Jesus and what he acomplish He was a messiah and died and roses from the dead and talk to his desciples.
5 major world religious Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam
Who called Christians fight and why did they fight Pope Urban II. They fought the Islams people because they were controlled by holy land and Christians
Created by: Ladybug2143