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PMI Review Chapter 2

PMI acronyms, conversion, transmission, isolations and consents

CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute
BBP Bloodborne Pathogens
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability &Accountability Act
TJC The Joint Commision
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
SE Sentinel Events
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
NPSG National Patient Safety Goals
The Patients Bills of Rights is also known as The Patient Care Partnership
A negligent act is always a sentinel event? True or False False
There is an ABCD fire extinguisher? True or False False
List 5 transmission types Airborne, Droplet, Vector, Vehicle and Contact are the 5 means of transmission.
Name 3 3rd party payers Medicaid, Medicare, Military, ACA (affordable care act) and AHCCCS
___________ type of infection acquired in the hospital. NOSOCOMIAL infection
Name the 6 isolation types Strict, Contact, Acid Fast Bacilli; AFB, Respiratory, Enteric, Drainage, "SCARED"
__________ & _________ law of phlebotomist concern Criminal & Civil
What are the 6 consent types AND which is most relevant for a phlebotomist? 1) Patient Consent 2) Expressed Cosent 3) Implied Consent 4) HIV Consent 5)Consent for Minors 6) Refusal of Consent Most relevant to phlebotomist is "Implied Consent"
Convert the following 1) 19°C to F, 2) 78°F to C, 3) 53°C to F, 4) 103° to C, 5) -3°C to F 1) 66.2° F, 2) 25.55 continuous °C or 26°C, 3) 127.4°F, 4) 39.44 continuous °C, 5) 26.6°F 27°F
Created by: sueboltz16