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Global Regents Revie

Vocabulary words

Absolutism When a King or Queen has total control, example Louis XVI
Divine Right Theory When Kings or Queens believe the power to rule comes from God
Louis XIV (France) King of France. Absolute Power believed he was powerful as the Sun.. aka the "Sun King" refer to himself as "I am the state"
Peter the Great (Russia) expanded the size of Russia, westernize Russia make it modern, father of Russian Navy
Westernization to make modern or improve
Catherine the Great (Russia) Expanded Russia to the largest size gave Russia access to the Black sea
Constitutional Monarchy to share power between a king/queen and another governing body
Magna Carta (England 1215) King John had to share power with the wealth Barons, limiting the Kings power and gave more freedom and rights to the people
John Locke (England) Enlightenment, philosopher that believed the power to rule comes from the consent of the people and life liberty and property
The Ming Dynasty (China 276 years of rule) Ming=glorious. golden age return to order and stability days traded with East Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia
Zheng He (China early Ming Dynasty) voyages to south-western Asia, Africa, trading. largest in the world at the time....stopped in 1424-1425 could have put China ahead of Europe
The Ch'ing (Qing Dynasty China) 221-206BC 3rd Dynasty Shih Huang Ti, gave China its name, the great wall built, destroyed books and killed educators because he wanted history to begin with him
The Ottoman Empire (Suleiman the Magnificent) aka Turkish Empire controlled the lands around the Mediterranean sea. Suleiman got it the largest size, known for his laws relating to society, education, taxation, and criminal law
The Safavid Empire 1501-1736 (Iran) Ruled area modern Iran, Turkey and Georgia. Rule was theoretical. All religion and parts of Islam was suppressed. Made Iran a center of Art, Architecture, Poetry and Philosophy
The Mughal Empire in India (Akbar the Great) Akbar the 3rd Mughal Ruler at age 13, one of greatest to rule India. Religious tolerance and appreciation of the Arts
The Aztecs (Mexico) Pyramids for human sacrifice to please the sun. Chinampas man made floating garden for farming Conquered by Spain
The Incan (South America, Peru) Human Sacrifice. Conquered by Spain. Road network, did not have writing system but Quipu knotted colored strings to keep recorded
Mercantilism (Europe 16-18th century) economic policy to gain wealth gold through trade and acquiring land
The Commercial Revolution (Europe) a period of European economic expansion, colonialism and mercantilism 13 century -18th, leading to the Industrial Revolution
Age of Exploration (Europe) 15 century -17 European ships looking for new trade routes time of Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan
Prince Henry the Navigator (Portugal) helped usher in the Age of Discovery and the Atlantic Slave Trade. Explored the coat of Africa
Conquistador (Spain) Conquers of Mexico and South America looking for gold
Hernan Cortes (Spain) Overthrew the Aztec and won Mexico for Spain
Francisco Pizarro (Spain) conquered the Inca, better weapons and hoses and diseases
The Colombian Exchange exchanges of plants, animals, diseases and technology between Europe and the Americas
Encomienda System In the Americas 1503 the Spanish soldiers or colonist was granted a tract of land or a village together with its Indian inhabitants
The Colonial Hierarchy in Latin America Social class structure based on where you were born and the color of your skin
The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade 15th century -19 when slave were transported to the New World
The Middle Passage The sea voyage taken by slave ships from West Africa to the New world
The Scientific Revolution Emergence of Science, new way of looking and understanding the universe. End of the geocentric and hello the heliocentric universe
Galileo Galilei (scientific revolution) Italian scientist who used math and observation to prove that the sun is the center of the universe (Copernicus theory) . First to see the moons of Jupiter and spent the reminder of years under house arrest
The Enlightenment Europe 17-18 century used logic and reason to define your understanding of governments based on the consent of the people
Enlightenment Philosophers Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Barron de Montesquieu, Voltaire and Denis Diderot
The Rise of Capitalism Began in Europe based on ownership, Laissez-faire less government interference came about as mercantilism is ending
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