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Unit 5 - Is it fair?

What is meant by a developed country? Countries with a high standard of living
What is meant by a less developed country? Countries with a low standard of living
What does the word Justice mean? Fairness, where everyone has equal rights and opportunity
What does the word injustice mean? Unfairness, where there is no equality of rights and opportunity
What can people do to stop injustice in the world? Pray, fast, give to charity, write letters, protest
What causes poverty in the world? Disease, debt, war, natural disasters
What does CAFOD stand for? Catholic agency for overseas development
What is CAFOD's motto? Give a man a fish feed him for a day, teach him to fish feed him for a lifetime
Give 2 examples of short term Aid Water, tents, food parcels
Give 2 examples of long term Aid Education, farming techniques, wells
Why do Christians support Cafod? It follows the teachings of the bible - parable of the sheep and the goats
What is Islamic relief? A Muslim charity which helps people who have been affected by natural disasters
What projects have Islamic Relief worked on? Water, health and nutrition
Why do Muslims support Islamic Relief? Zakah - 2.5%, Allah created everyone, you will be judged on how you have lived your life, Sadaqah
What is prejudice? Forming a judgement about someone before you actually know them
What is discrimination? When you act on your judgements - example - hitting someone
What are the main types of prejudice? colour, gender issues, disablility, homophobia
Why do people have predujices? Family, friends, media, ignorance
What are the affects of prejudice and discrimination? Low self esteem, Horrific events, alienation, intimation, fear
What do Christians believe about humans? Created by God equally
What is the Golden Rule? Do unto others what you would have them do unto you
What happens is the message in the parable of the Good Samaritan? To help all people regarding of race
Who was Martin Luther king? A man who fought against black injustice peacefully, he was shot dead for his beliefs
What is a need? A necessity, soemthing that is a requirement
What is a want? A wish or a longing for, something that is craved
What are our human rights? Freedom, a place to live, education, health care, vote, fair trial
Who was Oscar Romero? A Catholic who spoke out against unjust governments and the abuses of human rights, he died for his beliefs - shot dead
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