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Rome: Republic to

World History Chapter 11 Rome: Republic to Empire

Answer Question
Caligula This cruel emperor murdered many people and appointed his horse as consul
Carthage In the Second Punic War __________ attacked Rome
Gaius Gracchus Tiberius and_______________ wanted to give land to the poor.
murdered How did Julius Caesar die on March 15, 44 B.C.?
Remus Traditional legend says that Romulus and___________founded the city of Rome.
July Which month was named after Julius Caesar?
agriculture The most important element in Rome’s strong economy was _________________
dictators The political leader Cicero called for a representative government with limited powers and was against _________________.
hero Rome’s lower classes saw Julius Caesar as a _____________.
Tarquin the Proud In 509 B.C. Romans overthrew _____________________ and began a republic.
Etruscans The Romans overthrew which group and set up the republican form of government where people were treated fairly?
peninsula Italy is a ______________________ shaped like a boot.
Twelve Tables Adopted around 451 B.C., Rome’s first code of law was called the _______________________.
12-month One reform of Julius Caesar’s that still affects us today is the move to accept a/an _______________________ calendar.
trade A common system of money helped Rome’s____________________.
pilium. Most Roman soldiers carried a short iron sword called a gladius and an iron spear called a ____________________.
Octavian The members of Rome’s Second Triumvirate were Lepidus, Antony, and _______________________.
they could pass laws What important political reform regarding the power of the Council of the Plebs occurred in 287 B.C.?
elephants The Carthaginian general Hannibal and his troops crossed the Alps on __________________.
the First Punic War During what war did the Romans take over Sicily?
the Colosseum Emperor Vespasian began construction of this famous Roman sporting site.
Augustus What title (name) did Octavian take?
Marcus Lepidus Who was one of Caesar’s top generals and a member of the Second Triumvirate?
Rome’s first written laws What were the Twelve Tables?
Octavian At the Battle of Actium, Antony and Cleopatra were defeated by ______________________.
Nerva ________________, one of the “five good emperors,”introduced land reforms that helped the poor.
metalworking. The Etruscans were skilled in ____________________.
patricians The ruling class and top officials of the Roman Republic were the _______________.
patricians Who could hold political office in early Rome?
between 800 B.C. and 700 B.C. When do historians believe Rome was founded?
Cincinnatus The best-known early Roman dictator of the Republic was _______________________.
Trajan Under Emperor ______________, the Roman Empire’s European boundaries were set at Britain in the northwest and Mesopotamia in the east.
merchants and skilled workers What groups benefited the most from the Roman Empire’s prosperity?
went on strike In 494 B.C. what did many Roman plebeians do to protest for equal rights?
latifundia large farming estates
Pax Romana Roman peace
dictator a ruler with complete control over the country
praetors government officials who interpreted Roman law and served as judges
veto to reject
consul a head of government, usually with a limited term
legions small groups of Roman soldiers
republic a form of government in which citizens elect their leaders
civic duty the idea that citizens have responsibilities to their country
plebeians the Roman working class
triumvirate a group of three people who share equal political power
consul head of government, usually with a limited time in office
legislature a group of people who make the laws
Cleopatra Egyptian leader who formed an alliance with Mark Antony
aqueduct a human-made channel that carries water long distances
Rubicon river that Caesar crossed and started a civil war
Julian calendar had 12 months, 365 days, and a leap year
fasces bundles of rods and axes carried by Roman officials as a symbol of legal authority
Created by: Ms Plyler