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Unit 2 - SFA


What does the word responsibility mean? Duties you should carry out
What does the word commitments mean? Promises you make and keep
What does the word conflict mean? Disagreements and quarrels
What does the word reconcilliation mean? Apologising and becoming friends again
Name the four types of love Eros - RomanticPhilos - FriendshipAgape - UnconditionalStorge - Object
What do Christians believe about sex? It's a gift from GodYou should only have sex within a marriage
What is pre-marital sex? Sex before marriage
What is extra-marital sex? Having sex with someone else once you are married - adultery
What did St Paul teach about sex? That you should remain celibate (no sex) but if you can't you need to get married to have sex
What do Muslims teach about sex? That is should only happen in a marriage and that it's your duty to keep yourself attractive to your partner
What do religious people believe about adultery? It's wrong and is punishable on judgement day
What is Hijab? The headscarf worn by Muslim women as a sign of modesty
What is marriage? A public declaration of two people taht they intend to spend their lives together
What do Christians believe about marriage? (SPELG) Sacrament, permanent, exclusive, life/loving, giving
Why do people get married? Celebrates the joy of lifeShows their commitment to the worldBlessed by God
What happens in a RC marriage ceremony? Hymn, declaration (L.F.C), Rings, Sermon, Signing the register
What are the vows? For better for worse, for richer or
What is arranged Marriage? When the parents choose a suitable partner for their child
What happens in a Muslim wedding ceremony? Imam reads from the Quran, the exchange vows, contract is exchanged, rings are given - no gold for men, two male witnesses
What is the dowry? Money is taken into the marriage - the father of the bride gives it to the groom, it belongs to the woman
What is polygamy? having more than one wife - allowed in Islam
What are the alternatives to marriage? Co-habitation (living together), Polygamy, single, state marriage, celibacy
What is contraception? Protecting against pregnacy - condoms, the pill etc.
Why are Chrisitans against contraception? the believe sex should be about having children - it's a barrier to life and against God
What is the rhythm method? Allowed by R.C - planning when you are likely to get pregnant and not having sex during these times
What is the R.C churches view on contraception? Always wrong - against God
What is the protestants view on contraception? Allowed - responsible parenting - use your conscience to decide what type
What is divorce? the legal disolving of a marriage
What is annulment? proving that a legal marriage never took place - no sex, mental illness
What is the R.C view on divorce? Always wrong - it's a sacrament - they believe it's better to remain married and separate
What is the Muslim view on divorce? Generally against it. But if it must happen then they need to follow steps.
How can people repair and reconcile in relationships? Friends, family, counsellors
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