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Easter Lent Holy Wk

GCSE AQA RS A 2016 Easter Keywords

Easter The religious season celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. It starts on Easter Day and finishes with the feast of Pentecost.
Easter Vigil The Roman Catholic main celebration of Easter is at midnight on Holy Saturday. The ceremony is in four parts: a service of light; a service of readings; a service of baptism and an Easter Eucharist.
Easter Day/Sunday The day when the Resurrection of Jesus is celebrated by Christians.
Pascal Candle The candle which is lit on Holy Saturday to symbolise the light of Christ’s resurrection.
Ascension The event 40 days after the Resurrection, when Jesus returned to God, the Father, in Heaven
Pentecost The festival that takes place 50 days after Easter. It remembers when the Apostles felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Often regarded as being the birthday of the Christian Church.
Holy Week The last week in Lent (the week before Easter Sunday beginning on Palm Sunday), during which believers think about the suffering and death of Jesus.
Palm Sunday The first day of Holy Week, when Christians remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey.
Maundy Thursday The day before Good Friday, on which Christians remember the Last Supper.
The Passion The term used to describe Jesus’ suffering prior to his death.
The Adoration (Veneration) of the Cross This is an act of devotion. On Good Friday a wooden cross is laid at the front each person comes forward to kiss it. The priest says “This is the wood of the cross on which hung the saviour of the world.The response is ‘Come let us worship.’
The Altar of Repose side chapel set aside for private prayer to remember Jesus going to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. People are asked to pray privately at this Altar before the Blessed Sacrament until midnight to remind them of the agony of Jesus
Good Friday The Friday before Easter, when Christians remember the crucifixion and death of Jesus.
Stations of the cross 14 plaques on the church wall showing the different stages of Jesus’ journey to death.
Holy Saturday This day remembers Jesus in the tomb. The church is bare this day and no sacraments may be received.
The washing of feet Usually 12 parishioners sit at the front of the church and have their feet washed by the priest during the Holy Thursday Mass, a reminder that Jesus washed the feet of his disciples at the Last Supper.
Ash Wednesday This is the first day of Lent, a time of penitence. People come to church on this day and have the ‘sign of the cross’ marked on their foreheads with ashes
Distribution of ashes People come to church on Ash Wednesday and have the ‘sign of the cross’ marked on their heads with ashes from the burning of last year’s palms. The ash is a reminder that human beings only have a brief time on earth and a sign that they are really sorry
Lent The forty day period before Easter, in which Christians are called to pray, fast and give to charity in preparation for Easter. It recalls the forty days that Jesus spent in the wilderness after his baptism.
Fasting People give up something or do something extra for Lent. This helps them to prepare for Easter.
Works of mercy These are intended to help those people who are in need. Lent can help Christians to share what they have with those people who are worse off than themselves.
Prayer This helps a Christian to become closer to God. By praying more during the season of Lent, Christians are focusing on their relationship with God.
Created by: All Saints
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