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Eucharist keywords

GCSE AQA 2016 A Eucharist keywords

Last Supper The meal that Jesus shared with his disciples on the night before he died
Eucharist This means ‘Thanksgiving’ - Sharing the bread and wine - Christians give thanks for the death and resurrection of Jesus and for their relationship with God which has been made possible by Jesus’ sacrifice
Holy Communion The word ‘communion’ means to take part in something as a group or family (fellowship), in this case the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus using bread and wine. - This title is used amongst Anglicans and the Free-Churches
Mass This title is used by Roman Catholics - The people receive the Body and Blood of Christ and then go out into the world and live the Christian message. A Mass is separated into two parts; The Liturgy of the Word and The Liturgy of the Eucharist.
Divine Liturgy This title is used by the Orthodox Church for the Eucharist.
Breaking of Bread An alternative name for Holy Communion - Also a name for the shared meal - Some Christians use this term.
Lord’s supper Baptists prefer to use this title - In the same way as the Disciples shared Jesus’ Last Supper, Christians today can share in the same meal in the spiritual presence of Jesus
Transubstantiation This is the Roman Catholic belief that the bread and wine actually become the real presence of Christ (His Body and Blood)
Consubstantiation This is the belief that the bread and wine symbolise the body and blood of Christ and as a result Jesus is spiritually present at this time
Created by: All Saints
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