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AQA Bible Keywords

Y10 AQA GCSE RE sources of authority Bible keywords

Bible Sacred book of Christians containing both the Old and New Testaments
Church Members of a particular Christian denomination/tradition
Christian Someone who believes in Jesus Christ and follows his teachings
Jesus First century Jewish teacher and Holy man, believed by Christians to be the Son of God.
Apostle Disciples of Jesus who became leaders of the Early Church - The word means sent out.
Holy Spirit The third person of the Holy Trinity who descended like a dove on Jesus at his baptism - Christians believe that the Holy Spirit is present and inspires them.
Authority The power to give orders or to influence people. Christians believe that the Bible, religious leaders and statements of belief eg. the Apostles Creed, should be respected as conveying deep religious truths.
Inspiration The guidance from God through the power of the Holy Spirit to write what is in the Bible.
New Testament The book of the Bible concerning the life and teachings of Jesus and his followers
Commandment A rule for living given by God - one of the 10 Commandments. Jesus said the greatest commandments were to love God and love your neighbour.
Old Testament The books of the Bible written in Hebrew and Aramaic about the Jews before the time of Jesus. It speaks of God's covenant relationship with his people.
Gospel Literally means 'Good News', there are four Gospels in the New testament telling the life and work of Jesus.
Liberal view Bible's authors were guided by God but being human they could have made mistakes, meaning that the Bible is not entirely accurate, and need not be taken literally.
literalism A belief that every word of the Bible is true
Fundamentalism Belief that the Bible is an accurate, historical record - The Bible is divinely inspired without error.
Pilgrimage A journey by a Christian to a holy site e.g. Lourdes- Pilgrimage is itself an act of worship and devotion.
Created by: All Saints



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