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Giattino -U6-3

Unit 6 Section 3 - Global Adjustment Quiz

Worldwide Depression After WWI economic problems emerged in Europe. US experienced an economic boom after the war. Made several investments in Europe. Crash of the American stock market in 1929. This event triggered the Great Depression of the 1930s,
Causes of the Depression Demand lessened after the war, and prices fell. Industrial workers had won high wages, which increased the price of goods. Farmers and other people who had suffered economically could not afford these goods. The Stock Market Crash
Impact of the Depression Banks and businesses closed, putting millions of people out of work and drastically decreasing production of goods. Millions came to rely on soup kitchens as a main source of food.
Fascism Fascism is the rule of a people by dictatorial government that is nationalistic and imperialistic. anti-communist. Emerged in both Italy and Germany after World War I.
Mussolini Land that Italians had expected. many war veterans could not find jobs, trade. He called his group the Fascist party and pledged to solve the nation’s problems; ending unemployment, gaining more land, and stamping out threats of communism
Facists Used force and terror to gain control of Italy. They ended free elections, free speech, and the free press. They killed or jailed their enemies.
Adolf Hitler Promised to rebuild German pride. Said Germans were a superior race. Headed the Nazi party. Built a one-party government, ended civil rights, used force on enemies, put businesses under government control, created jobs. Violated Treaty of Versailles.
Hitlers Anti Semitism. instituted anti-Semitic (anti-Jew) policies believing that Jews were the cause of Germany problems.
Nuremburg Laws of 1935 took away the political rights and German citizenship of Jews
Ataturk Led a Turkish nationalist movement. “father of the Turks.”
Westernization & Modernization New European law code . Muslim calendar replaced by the Christian calendar. Western dress allowed. State schools established. Women not required to wear veils and were allowed to vote. industrialized built roads, railroads, and factoriies
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