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Who succeeded Boris Yeltsin in Russia? Vladimir Putin
Who was the last great American king with a 100,000 tablet library? Ashurbanipal
Who is the Father of Modern Missions? William Carey
Who was the Communist who ruled in Yugoslavia after World War II? Josip Tito
Who was the czar of Russia before the first Communist? Nicholas II
Milosevic did what in Bosnia and Kosovo? ethnic cleansing
What year did America gave away the Panama Canal? 1999
What does jihad mean? "holy war"
Who wrote the 5th symphony? Ludwig Beethoven
Who painted the Mona Lisa? Leonardo da vinci
What years were the Middle Ages? 500-1500
Which country were effected by NAFTA? U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Who was the president during Operation Desert Storm? President Bush
Which nation did the Hugh Capet Coronation begin in? France
Which country did America think Osama bin Ladin was hiding? Afghanistan
Which English king started the English Reformation? Henry VIII
What year did Martin Luther nail his 95-thesis to the church door? 1517
Which country lost protection in the Oslo Accords? Israel
Who led American ground forces in the Persian Gulf War? General Schwarzkopf
Who was the Greek conqueror of Persia Alexander the Great
Who is the great Frankish king who was crowned emperor of the Romans? Charlemagne
Whose assassination sparked WWI? Archduke Ferdinand
Who conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortes with the Spanish
Kim' Jomg is the leader of where? North Korea
Which country did China take back in 1997? Hong Kong
What does intfada mean? tremor
Who invented the World Wide Web? Tim Berners Lee
Where did William the Conqueror invade in 1966? England
Who led the Bolshevic revolt and established a state in Russia? Vladimir Lenin
Which protocol says to reduce greenhouse emissions? Kyoto Protocol
Who was the first Roman emperor to persecute Christians? Nero
Who was Nelson Mandela's disciple? Thabo Mbeki
Who was the first president of Mexico for the National Actions Party? Vicente Fox Quesada
What kind of people are members of the Ba'ath party? Arabs
Who is the President of Iran? Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Who is the Palestinian Prime Minister? Mahmoud Abbas
Who was the dictator who gave up position for his brother? Raul Castro
Who falsely promised protection for Israel? Yasir Arafat
Who is the leader of Venezuela? Hugo Chávez
Who was the former Prime Minister of Pakistan who was assassinated in 2007? Benazir Bhutto
Who led troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom? General Tommy Franks
What is the legal and moral code of Islam? Sharia
What did Gutenberg invent in 1440? printing press
Created by: yaingchi