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WH2 People to Know

You must know these people to pass your SOL

Jesus of Nazareth Christian, Savior, Founder
Muhammad Prophet, Islam
Siddartha Gautama Founder, Buddhism
Asoka Missionary, Buddhism
Michelangelo Artist, Renaissance, Sistine Chapel
Leonardo da Vinci Artist, Renaissance Man, Last Supper
Shakespeare Playwright, England
Erasmus Humanist, Reformer, In Praise of Folly
Martin Luther Protestant, Reform, 95 Theses
John Calvin Protestant, Predestination
Henry VIII Divorce, England, Anglican Church
Queen Elizabeth I England, Queen, Anglican Church
Cardinal Richelieu Prime Minister, France, 30 Years War
Jan Huss Early Reformer, Burned
John Wycliffe Reformer, England, Translated Bible
Johann Gutenberg German, Printing Press
Copernicus Astronomy, Heliocentric, Poland
Johannes Kepler Math, Astronomy, Elliptical Orbit
Galileo Galilei Astronomer, Telescope, Trial
Isaac Newton Gravity, Motion, Laws
William Harvey Doctor, Blood, Circulation
Thomas Hobbes Enlightenment, Leviathan, Absolute Monarchs
John Locke Life, Liberty, Property
Montesquieu Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Rousseau Enlightenment, Social Contract
Voltaire Enlightenment, Freedom of Religion
Thomas Jefferson Enlightenment, Declaration of Independence
Vasco da Gama Portugal, Explorer, India
Columbus Spain, Explorer, "Discovered Americas"
Hernando Cortez Conquistador, Spain, Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro Conquistador, Spain, Incas
Ferdinand Magellan Spain, Circumnavigate, Killed
Francis Drake England, Explorer, Circumnavigate
Jacques Cartier French, Explorer, Canada
Louis XIV France, Versailles, Absolute Monarch
Peter the Great Russia, Czar, Westernization
Oliver Cromwell England, Civil War, Lord Protector
Charles I England, Civil War, Executed
Charles II England, King, Restoration
William & Mary England, Glorious Revolution, Co-Rulers
Louis XVI France, King, Guillotine
Napoleon Emperor, Code, Nationalism
Father Hidalgo Mexico, Priest, Independence
Toussaint L'Ouverture Haiti, Slave, Revolution
Simon Bolivar Creole, Latin American Independence
President Monroe USA, Doctrine, Policy
J.S. Bach Music, Baroque, Composer
W.A. Mozart Music, Classical, Composer
Eugene Delacroix France, Painter, Liberty Leading the People
Miguel de Cervantes Spain, Writer, Don Quixote
James Watt Inventor, Steam Engine
Eli Whitney Inventor, Cotton Gin
Henry Bessemer Inventor, Steel Process
Edward Jenner Doctor, Smallpox Vaccine
Louis Pasteur Medicine, Germ Theory, Bacteria
Adam Smith Economist, Capitalism, Wealth of Nations
Karl Marx Economy, Communist Manifesto
Count Cavour Northern Italy, Unify, Nationalism
Giuseppe Garibaldi Southern Italy, Unify, Nationalism
Otto von Bismarck Germany, Unify, Realpolitik
Matthew Perry USA, Commodore, Opened Japan to Trade
Archduke Ferdinand Austria-Hungary, Assassinated, WWI
Woodrow Wilson USA, WW1, 14 Points
Kaiser Wilhelm II Germany, WW1, Kaiser
Tsar Nicholas II Russia, Tsar, Russian Revolution
Vladimir Lenin USSR, Bolshevik, New Economic Policy
Joseph Stalin USSR, Dictator, Great Purge
Adolf Hitler Germany, Nazi, Fuhrer
Benito Mussolini Italy, Fascism, Glory of Rome
Emperor Hirohito Japan, Emperor, WW2
Hideki Tojo Japan, Dictator, Pearl Harbor
FDR USA, WW2, New Deal
Harry Truman USA, WW2, Atomic Bomb
Dwight Eisenhower USA, WW2, General, European Theater
Douglas MacArthur USA, WW2, General, Pacific Theater
George Marshall USA, General, Plan
Winston Churchill Great Britain, WW2, Prime Minister
Pol Pot Cambodia, Dictator, Genocide
Chiang Kai-Shek China, Nationalist, Fled to Taiwan
Mao Zedong China, Communist, Wins Civil War
Ho Chi Minh Vietnam, Communist, Leader
Indira Gandhi India, Prime Minister, Closer to USSR
Margaret Thatcher Great Britain, Prime Minister, Iron Lady
Mikhail Gorbachev USSR, Glasnost, Perestroika
Deng Xiaoping China, Communist, Reform
Mohanda Gandhi India, Independence, Nonviolence
Nehru India, Independence, 1st Prime Minister
Jomo Kenyatta Africa, Independence, Kenya
Nelson Mandela South Africa, Apartheid,
Golda Meir Israel, Yom Kippur War, Closer to USA
Gamal Nasser Egypt, Aswan High Dam, Closer to USSR
Osama bin Laden Al-Qaeda, Terrorism, 9/11
Henry the Navigator Portugal, School, Navigation
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