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Unit 1 - World - SFA

What does the word Creation mean? Creation means making something deliberately, for a purpose
What would a Creationist believe? A creationist would believe that the world was created by God.
According to Christianity who where the first people on earth? Adam and Eve
Which book in the bible records the creation story? Genesis
What instructions did God give to Adam and Eve according to the book of Genesis? To go forth and multiply (Have children)To have dominion over the birds in the sky, the fish in the sea and all the animals on land (Rule of animals)
Why is Sunday called a day of rest in the Christian Church today? Because God rested on the 7th day
According to Islam how was the world created? Allah made the whole worldhe sent angels to collect 7 handfuls of earth of different colours He made Adam and Eve
What do religious people believe about the creation of the world? God created everything for a purpose The world was designed Humans are created in the image of God
What is the big bang theory? Scientists believe that the universe began with a ‘Big Bang’
What is the theory of Evolution? The universe and life has developed over millions of years
Who invented the theory of Evolution? Charles Darwin
What is intelligent design? The belief that Evolution is true but that God guided it.
What are the two main interpretations of the bible? • Literal• Non-Literal
What do literalists believe? That every word in the bible is true, word for word
What do non literalists believe? They believe that the messages of the bible are what is important
What are humans responsibilities? to care for other humans To take care of the world - Stewardship
What does the term stewardship mean? Looking after and caring for the planet
What does the word dominion mean? being the boss over something
Describe the work of one famous Steward? Chico Mendes - Rubber tapper - tried to save the rain forests in Brazil! He was a Christian He was murdered in front of his family.
What Saint promoted good stewardship? St Francis of Assisi
Why should Christians act as good stewards? Because they are in charge of the planet - Adam and EveTo look after the planet and to care for it for the next generation
Name one organisation which promotes good stewardship? Greenpeace
What are Greenpeaces' aims? To look after and care for the planet
What types of projects does Greenpeace work on? Climate change, stopping deforestation, prevention of cruelty to animals
What does the term Khalifah mean? The role and looking after Allah's creations
What does the term Ummah mean? The community of Muslim believers.
what does the term Fitrah mean? The balance of the natural world
What is Zakah? one of the five pillars of Islam which is donating 2.5% of their wages to charity
What does the Qur'an say about caring for Allah's creations? Live in world as if you were going to live forever - Qur'an
Who are IFEES? Islamic foundation for ecology and environmental science
What does humanity mean? Caring about other Human beings
What does the term soul mean? the part of humans that lives on after you die
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