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World War I

Otto von Bismarck First prime minister of Germany (Prussia). Unified the German states.
Alsace & Lorraine Lost provinces on the German-France border.
militarism Glorification of the military.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand Austria-Hungarian leader who was assassinated on June 28, 1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia. This was the spark that started WWI.
mobilize Preparing military forces for war
Schlieffen Plan The plan where Germany would fight France on the western front and Russia on the eastern front.
Trench warfare Where fighting occurred on the Western Front (French-German border). Brutal conditions with rats and lice where not much land was gained.
Battle of the Somme Deadly battle where 60,000 were killed or wounded in 1 day. 1 million were killed in the 5 month battle without either side gaining an advantage.
Zeppelin Large gas filled balloon (blimp)
u-boat Submarine
Lusitania British liner that was sunk by German U-boat, killing 1,200 people on May 7, 1915.
14 Points President Wilson's list for resolving this and future wars
Zimmermann Note Note sent from German foreign minister to Mexico trying to get Mexico to fight the U.S. in exchange for Arizona, New Mexico, & Texas
armistice An agreement to end war.
reparations Payments for war damage.
League of Nations A group of nations
Treaty of Versailles An agreement signed in 1919 that punished Germany for WWI.
mandate Territories administered by western powers.
Czar Nicholas II Ruler of Russia and head of the Romanovs.
proletariat Class of factory and railroad workers
Vladimir Lenin Russian leader who began the Russian Revolution
bolsheviks Radical socialist group made up of factory workers
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