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world history #10

introduced a progrm in the ussr know as perestroika Gorbachev
What economy is one in which a state's economy is controlled by the government Centralized
What doctrine prevented any soviet satellites from independence from the ussr Brezhnev
The strong leadership of who helped France reestablish its international political status following world war 2 de Gaulle
who was the leader of Cuba who tried to spread communis to other prts of latin American Castro
who was the major of Berlin who helped increased diplomatic relations between East and West during the cold war Brandt
who initiated the great proletarian cultural revolution in China Mao
who led the fight to end apartheid Mandela
one of the greatest problems to new African nations following declonization Tribal rivalry
was occupied by allied powers following world war 2 Japan
What middle East leader invaded Kuwait in an attempt to takeover its oil prodution Saddam Hussein
Which Middle East country has been forced to defend its right to exist against the aggressions of surrounding rab nations Israel
Which philososphical school of thought has had the greatest impact on postmodernism Existentialism
What is the dominant political system of Latin America Democracy
Created by: casperdoe