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World Religions

Review of 5 major world religions

Which city, in Saudi Arabia, is the most holy city for Muslims? Mecca
Which religion has, in its belief, the concepts of reincarnation and a caste system? Hinduism
Which religion believes in following the 8-Spoke Wheel of Law or the “Middle Way”? Buddhism
What is the name of the building that is used by Jews for public worship? Synagogue
What is the name of the building that is used by Muslims for public worship? Mosque
In Hinduism, what is the name of the religion’s god of creation? Brahma
Most Hindu’s live in which present day country? India
The Arabic (Islamic) word for God is: Allah
Which river is considered sacred to Hindus? Ganges
Which of these religions is the oldest (first one founded)? Hinduism
Which religion is practiced by a majority of people in Western Europe? Christianity
Which of these religions is practiced by a majority of people in the Middle East? Islam
Which building would Christians most likely use to worship in? Church or Cathedral
What key thing do all Monotheistic faiths believe in? One god
What is Judaism’s holy book called? Torah
What is Christianity’s holy book called? Bible
What is Islam’s holy book called? Qur'an or Koran
What is the only group that believes that Mohammed is a prophet? Islam
Who was considered the founder of Christianity? Jesus Christ
What is the term for the belief that the soul never really dies and is continually being reborn? reincarnation
Which religion was started by a 6th century BC prince named Siddhartha Gautama? Buddhism
For which religion is attaining enlightenment the most important quest? Buddhism
What religion has a cross as their symbol? Christianity
What religion has a crescent moon with star as their symbol? Islam
What religion has a 6 pointed star as their symbol? Judaism
What religion has an 8 spoked wheeel as their symbol? Buddhism
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