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Which of the following statements is an appropriate introduction to a patient? Hello, my name is Courtney, I am a phlebotomy technician and am here to draw your blood
Which of the following is an example of proper patient identification Ask the patient to state his name and date of birth
A 19 year old patient extends her arm and looks away when the phlebotomist enters her hospital room. This is an example of which type of consent? Implied
A patient has never had his blood drawn before. When explaining the venipuncture procedure, which of the following would b e a appropriate satement It may hurt. Tell me if it does
A blood draw must be performed on a 5 month old infant. Which of the following locations should be the first site choice for the collection? Heels
Which of the following is the antiseptic of choice for venipuncture Isopropyl alcohol
The first step in the patient care process is Assessment
To inform a patient what preparations should be performed for a test in the basal state, which of the following should the phlebotomist tell the patient The test should be performed first thing in the morning
In hospitalized patient who blood may be drawn everyday or every few hour what type of anemia is commonly seen Iatrogenic
Sealed or locked specimen transfer bags are used as part of which of the following Chain of custody
For which of the following test would a first voided morning urine specimen be collected pregnancy
When state required testing of an infant capillary blood is done, which of the following must be done the circles of the filter paper must be totally saturated
Under which of the following circumstances should you place a patient into the recovery postition If the patient is breathing and you don't suspect a spinal injury
Tubes needed for culture and sensitivity test may be kept at room temperature for up to how many hours 72
Which of the followings is required for all specimen shipped to a refer watertight secondary container
What is a blood culture primarily used to check for Bacteria
What is the appropriate angle to hold slide when preparing a peripheral blood smear 30 to 35 dregrees
Protective measures that should be taken when working with chemical will be found listed in the chemicals MSDS material safety data sheet
For which of the following is testing of newborn required in all states of the United States PKU Phenylketonuria
For which condition is therapeutic phlebotomy commonly used polycythemia vera
Operational standards are established by which of the following agencies CLSI Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institute
Which of the following types of urine collection is required for culture and sensitivity testing Clean catch midstream specimen
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