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History Extra Credit

10th Grade World History Extra Credit Assignment Semester 2 Module 16

1.Why did Stalin initiate Five Year Plans in the Soviet Union? He intended to transform Russia into a industrial society.
2.Be aware of Hitler’s attitude toward the Treaty of Versailles and the willingness of the allies to enforce the treaty to be maintained. Hitler was confident that those who signed the Treaty of Versailles would cooperate and no force would be needed.
3.What was Prime Minister Chamberlain’s policy of appeasement? The Policy of appeasement was based on the Prime Ministers trust in what Adolf Hitler had to say.
4.What is the Sudetenland? Sudetenland was the area of Czechoslovakia that was given to Hitler.
5.Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany? Britain and France declared war on Germany because Hitler declared war on Poland.
6.What is the “Mukden Incident”? The Mukden Incident was an attack by Japanese soldiers, dressed as Chinese soldiers, on a Japanese railway.
7.In 1940, Japan was forced to decide what it needed most. What was it? They had to decide between Indochina's raw materials or US oil and scrap iron. US oil and scrap iron.
8.Why was the evacuation at Dunkirk so important to the Allies? The 338,000 troops would be otherwise captured by the Nazis.
38. What happened on December 7, 1941? What was it called? The Japanese attacked the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor.
9. Define blitzkrieg. Blitzkrieg was Hitler's attack method that involved tank divisions supported by air attacks.
10.After signing a treaty with Stalin, why did Hitler decide to invade the Soviet Union? He wanted to secure the land and Slavic slaves to strengthen the Reich.
Created by: adagiosky