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Mrs. Brown

world history end of year assessment

armistice truce agreement
reparations payments to cover war
trench warfare warfare based on protected lines of ditches
depression period of low economic activity and rising unemployment
blitzkrieg lightning war-Hitler's surprise attack on Poland
genocide deliberate mass murder of a particular group
propaganda ideas spread to influence public opinion
Hitler believed Germans were superior to all other races
Treaty of Versailles an order for Germany to pay reparations for war damages
concentration camps large prison camps
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Berlin Wall Wall that divided the two halves of Berlin
detente phase of relaxed tension and improved relations
budget deficit government spends more that it collects in revenues
ghettos crowded, designated holding areas within the cities for Jews
D-Day Naval invasion, June 6, 1944
Pearl Harbor target of Japanese attack December, December 7, 1941
Auschwitz Hitler's largest extermination center, located in Poland
Created by: tishabr