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Asia unit exam

Using the standards of Confucius, rank these groups according to superiority: young women; old women; young men; old men. 1. old men 2. young men 3. old women 4. young women
According to Confucius, what was the duty of women in Chinese society? A woman’s duty was to insure the stability of the family and promote harmony in the home.
According to Confucius, what was a person’s most important duty? Respect for parents
During the Han Dynasty, what were the requirements to be a government official? Government officials had to be courteous and dignified. They had to possess a knowledge of history, music, poetry, and the teachings of Confucius.
What was the “Silk Road” and how long did it stretch? The Silk Road was a 4,000 mile trading route.
Why did the Tang emperors take land from the rich and redistribute it to the peasant class? To weaken the power of the large landowners
What is the name of China’s largest canal and for what purpose was it built? The Grand Canal is China’s largest canal and it was built to bring food from the southern farming districts to the capital.
What nomadic tribe of horsemen invaded China in the early 1200s and by whom were they led? The Mongols were led by Genghis Kahn (Temujin).
What is the capital city of China? Beijing
What European merchant traveled to China and spent 17 years as an advisor to the emperor before returning to Europe? Marco Polo
List the 5 key relationships according to Confucius. Father to son Elder brother to younger brother Husband to wife Ruler to subject Friend to friend
Describe the Gentry class. wealthy landowners tended to be well-educated most government officials came from this class
Describe the Peasant class. poor farmers who lived on what they produced (subsistence farmers) lived in small self-sufficient villages relied more on each other than the government
Describe the Merchant class. a lower class than the peasants had more money than the peasant class the government often sought to keep this group under control
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