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Stalin/Stock Market

key terms, people and concepts

Stocks what is being sold
Shares what percentage is given to the public
Investors who buys the shares
Nyse largest stock operation
Bull Market Rapid decline
Bear market constant decline
Speculation Buying something risky
Margin Buying taking money from the bank to buy a share from a company
Inflation prices going up
surplus having a lot of the product so the prices go down
scarcity prices going up since there isn't enough product
recession economic decline
Black Tuesday October 29, 1929 - stock market crash
Black Shirts party militants
March on Rome Mussolini gained power
Communism defined systems, nationalist goals
Fascism no systems, world wide goals
Gestapo secret police
collectives farm land run by poor people
great purge killed anyone who posed a threat to communism
gulag concentration camps
Mein kmpf my struggle
Mussolini the leader of Italy
Given a medal for making the state great the role of women in Italy
tainting the putirty of the race Jews, Gypsies and Africans
Eugenics The supreme Race
Created by: awesome_kia1