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Hinduism beginning

Stack #221702

Agni God of fire
Aryan european tribes that settled in india
atman "soul" the divine essence of every individual
Bhagavad-gita "Song of God" a section of the epic Mahabharata that describes the ethical dilemma of Arjuna, who is torn between the demands of karma and dharma
Brahman The ultimate reality described in the Upanishads.
Brahmin The priestly caste of traditional Hinduism
Dharma "Duty" "Law" the occupational, social, and religious roles required of individuals as a result of their places in society
Indra King of the gods in the vedic stories, and the paradigmatic warrior
Kshatriya the caste whose members were traditionaly warriors and rulers
Moksha release from the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, the ultimate liberation of existance
Samnyasin One who renounces teh world in order to seek liberation from the cycle of existance
Samsara Cyclic existence, the beginningless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in which ignorant beings are being trapped
shiva god who exemplifies yogic practice, who will destroy the world at the end of ultimate reality
Upanishads Mystical texts thats speculate on the nature of human existance and the ultimate reality
Veda The four early sacred texts of Hinduism, which describe the gods and rituals connected with them
Vishnu God whose traditional role is to protect dharma
Yoga System of meditative cultivation involving physical and mental discripline
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