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Buddhism terms

Stack #221678

Dependent arising doctrine that phenomena arise and pass away in dependence upon causes and conditions
Dharma Buddhist doctrine and practice
Four Noble truths basic propositions attributed to the buddha Suffering, cause of suffering,the cessation of suffering, the eightfold noble path
Generation stage Tantric practice of visualizing a vivid image of a buddha infront of oneself
Hinayana "Lesser Vehicle" a termn coined by Mahayanists to describe their opponents, whose path they characterized as selfish and inferior to their own
Mahayana "Greater Vehicle" the school of buddhism that emphasizes the ideal of the bodhisattva
Pure Land A school of Buddhism popular in east asia whose adherents strive for rebirth in the realm of the buddha amitabha
Samsara "Cyclic existence" the beginningless cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in which ignorant beings are trapped
Sutra Discourses attributed to the historical buddha
Anatman "Selflessness" the doctrine that there is no permanent, partless, substantial essence or soul
Arhat The ideal of "hinayana" buddhism, who strives to attain a personal nirvana
Bodhisattva A compassionate being who resolves to bring others to liberation
Chan/Zen A school that developed in east asia, which emphasized meditation aimed at a non-conceptual, direct understanding of reality
completion stage Tantric practice in which one visualizes oneself as being transformed into a buddha
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