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Semester 2 Final

Social Studies

Indus river valley civilization Pakistan and India, Sanskrit, Governed by Rajah, Used the caste system, Hinduism and Buddhism, 1st civilization was Harappan.
Judaism Characteristics Yawen, Monotheistic, Synagogue, Jerusalem, Israel, Torah, Ten Commandments, Moses(believe in one god, justice and righteousness, observance of religious and moral law)
Mandate of Heaven The idea that heaven chose China's ruler and gave him/her power.
Dynastic Cycle Transfer of power from one dynasty to another as emperors gained and lost power.
Christianity Characteristics God, Monotheistic, Church, Jerusalem, Israel, Bible, Rules: Ten Commandments, God, Jesus, Messiah (spread by writing down Jesus teachings and distrusting them, followers) (originated by Jesus's life and teachings)
Islam Characteristics: Allah, Monotheistic, Mosque, Mecca, Founded in Saudi Arabia, Quran, Five Pillars, Muhammad
Buddhism Characteristics: Temple, Founded in NE India, Rules: Eightfold Path and Four Noble Truths, Siddhartha (unhappy about teachings of Hindu so he decided to make/find his own answers, sat under tree fasted, meditated for 7 weeks) spread by missionaries
Monotheistic: One god
Polytheistic Many gods
Hinduism Characteristics: Brahman, Siva, Vishnu, Polytheistic, Reincarnation (many times), Every soul is a part of Braham, Brahman created the world. Karma, Temple, Ganges River, Founded in India, Vedas..(caste system, peoples beliefs blended together)
Silk Road: Trade route that stretched across Asia. Silk, spices, and gold were items that were often traded. It was a network of roads that linked trading centers.
Imperialism: An attempt to dominate ones country's government, trade, and culture.
Hindu Caste System: 1) Brahmin/priest 2)Kshatriya/ warriors and rulers 3) Sudra/laborers 4)untouchables....If people broke rules they could be banned from their homes and caste, they become untouchables
Gandhi Called the father of India, led nonviolent resistance to the British rule, led fasts, peaceful protest marches, and boycotts of British goods, efforts helped with India with its independence from Britain
Africa colonization: Became ruled by Europeans, they set up the apartheid, then African people became independent after some protests
South Africa's apartheid ending: the apartheid was south Africa's government policy of separation between races. housing health care, and schools were poor compared to those for whites. early 1960 was when many colonies gained independence
OPEC benefits: Stands for organization of petroleum exporting countries, an international organization.. If price is high, supply is low, If price is low, supply is high
War on Terrorism: Bad guy: Osama Bin Laden (leader of Al-Qaeda/ Afghanistan) Responsible for: 9/11 (NYC and Pentagon) The US went to Afghanistan & found him in his mansion, broke out into gun battle.
War on Terrorism: Stayed to protect the Afghanistan citizens. Built an army and government in Afghanistan. US (George Bush) increased security in airports & closed borders.
Communist Countries: North Korea, China, Cuba, most of Asia, Leader, Upper officials no elections, lower officials elected but only approved candidates, Communist party(controls), few freedoms, wealth divided, owns everything
Governments with little participation: Monarchy, Communism, Dictatorship, Theocracy, Oligarchy
Governments that protects citizens rights: Democracy, Republic, Constitutional Monarchy
How are citizens rights protected? Constitution
Natural Resources: Any material in nature that people can use and value. Examples: Trees, Water, Soils, Minerals
Nelson Mandela Protested against the apartheid, Imprisoned for 26 years, Released by South Africa president De Klerk, Mandela and De Klerk shared a Noble Peace Prize 1993,
Nelson Mandela 1994 Mandela Became South Africa's 1st black president, wrote a new constitution, improved living conditions for blacks
Reasons and Effects of European colonization in Africa: Reasons: Slaves, Resources, Power, Land, Trade, Poverty Cons: Apartheid, Inequality (Bad schools, health care, and jobs for black Africans because of the apartheid Pros: Western Development (Great Brittan and France)
UN Function: AKA: United Nations An organization of the World's countries that promotes peace and security around the globe
Origin, Beliefs, spread of Islam Originated when Muhammad went to meditate in cave, angle told him he was a prophet, believe one god Allah, they believe god chose Muhammad to be the messenger, traveled to mecca got threatened to be killed, and so he went to medina. (Arabia) trade,
Created by: linderemily