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Jackie Robinson 42

Civil Rights Facts about Jackie Robinson

Branch Rickey Manager of the Dodgers who recruited Jackie Robinson
Rookie Of The Year The Rookie of the Year award is given by a number of sports leagues to the top-performing athlete in his or her first season within the league. Athletes competing for the first time in any given league are known as "rookies".
We're was Jackie Robinson born Georgia
What was the first college Jackie attended Pasadena
We're did he go after the army Baseball
What position did He play with the Dodgers Second base
How long did he stay with the dodgers Ten years
What state did He move to from Georgia California
Jackie wanted to make money of who Mother
What league did black men play in Negro league
Why did he become Famous When he broke the color barrier
How many brothers does he have 4
Civil rights leader He was the first in the major leagues
What happened after he was introduced to his other teammates They instantly made a patition saying that they didn't want Jackie on there baseball team
How was Jackie mistreated wile playing baseball People through trash at him and was cruel
Created by: telay