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withdraw The males removal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation.
contraception Prevention of pregnancy.
FAMs methods of contraceptive that involve determining the fertile days of a females menstrual cycle and avoiding the fertile days of the females menstrual cycle and avoiding intercourse during those days.
Condom A thin sheath of latex, plastic, or animal tissue that is placed over a erect penis before any contact to the vagina. Its used to keep/ catch the sperm before entering the vagina.
Spermicide A chemical that kills sperm.
diaphragm A soft latex or silicone cup with a flexible rim that covers the entrance to the cervix.
Cervical Cap A thimble- shaped, soft latex cup that fits snugly over the cervix.
8. Oral Contraceptives Hormone pills that taken correctly, crate a changes in the female body that prevent pregnancy.
9. Contraceptive Injection A birth control procedure in which a female receives an injection once every three months to prevent ovulation.
10. Vasectomy A sterilization procedure for male in which each Vas Deference is cut and sealed.
11. Tubal Ligation A sterilization procedure for females in which the Fallopian tubes are cut and tied or clamped to prevent sperm from reaching the ova.
13. Contraceptive Patch A hormonal method that works by releasing estrogen and progesterone to step ovation.
14. Vaginal Contraceptive Ring A hormonal method that releases progesterone and estrogen to stop ovation a flexible ring in the vagina, then removed after three weeks of ever cycle.
15. Contraceptive Implants A thin rod placed under the skin on the arm by doctor, that released progesterone to prevent the sperm from fertilization.
16. Emergency Contraceptive A final hormonal method within 5 days of unprotected sex, either a pill, or copper IUD
18. Contraceptive Sponge A disc-shaped polyurethane device that contains spermicide, placed into the vagina before sexual contact.
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