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chapter 6

Chapter 6 people and vocab.

hannah samuel's mom
samuel the last judge to the era of Kings and chose the first king
eli raised samuel and was a priest at the Shrine at Shiloh
saul was the first king who disobeys God's ban and takes things from a city before winning the battle
david the youngest son of essie in Bethlehem and is seretly anointed king by samuel
nathan he was a prophet that told Daid that Solomon would be king
abigail(did she have children) yes
michal (and his relationship with David) wife to David who did not bear children
jonathan (and relationship with david) Saul's son who was also killed in a batlle with his father. David and Jonathan were best friends
Bathsheba another wife to david who he saw one night who's husband was killed in the front line in battle due to David putting him there
uriah Bathsheba's husband who was put in teh front line in battle and was put there by david so david could take his wife
amnon rapes tamar
absalom kills amnon and tries to take over the throne and get banished and rallies people together to go against David
messiah a leader or savior of a particular group or cause
monarchy a form of inherited government with a king (powerful leader)
reasons for an israelite to be against monarchy they feared the king would enslave them and take their crops and set up a draft for war
reasons for monarchy a king would unite the people and the king would fight their battles
how did solomon oppress his people he develops a heirarchy system within the 12 new districts with the lower class in forced labor; he also enforced taxes
describe davids personality and specific examples of how we know about him he wrote lots of psalms he was creative he could play the harp
what is the davidic covenant and how is jesus the fulfillment of it from davids descendant will come one who can rule forever as a messiah. jesus endured forever because of heaven
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