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Materials III final


a persons ability to work effectively under a situation of reduced illumination increases with age? t/f false
exposure to sunlight over an extended period of time will reduce the time needed for the eyes to dark adapt? t/f false
when a tint and an AR coating are both desired ,plastic lenses should be dyed before they are coated? t/f true
normal transmission for average sunglasses runs between 15% and 30% . t/f true
yellow tints help nighttime driving because they eliminate blue haze. t/f false
an AR coated lens is best cleaned in the office using an ultrasonic cleaner. t/f false
the quality of the AR coating is not indicated by the evenness of the reflex color of the coating. t/f false
AR coating the back surface of a pair of sunglasses is not advisable because it lets more light in the lens? t/f false
this is even absorption across the visible spectrum? light pink
this is blue absorbing yellow
this color is good for color defectives? grey
this color is the highest transmission of visible light found in the middle of the spectrum? green
dyed plastic lenses have poor ____ absorption? IR
the problem of annoying internal lens reflections occurs most often in? low minus /clear lenses
three causes contributing to the rapid darkening of photochromic lenses? 1.uv 2.cold 3.previous exposures
AR coating is helped by the use of an antifog or antistatic agent. t/f false
mirror coating provides good protection from sunlight if combined with a tint but allows more uv and ir than a nonmirror- coated lens of a equal transmission? t/f false
as a secondary effect, antiscratch coatings will reduce lens reflections somewhat? t/f true
the longer the wavelength of the uv rays , the greater likelihood of biologic damage? t/g false
lenses that absorb the short end of the visible spectrum may reduce some types of glare? t/f true
in denoting the amount of light absorbed by the lens , if the numbers , like 1,2,3, are used ,the higher the number the more light is allowed to pass through the lens? t/f false
turn the power wheel to the high _____ numbers? plus
slowly advance the power wheel in the ______ direction? minus
rotate the axis wheel to cause the ____ lines to come into focus first? sphere
when in focus record the ______ and _____ values? sphere ; axis
when reading this particular lens numerical values are equal to ____ and 105. +4.00
move the power wheel a second time still in the ____ direction until the ______ lines come into clear focus this numerial reading is _____ . the power drum would read_____. minus; fat/cylinder; the second reading; +2.00
the difference between the 1st and 2nd reading is the cylinder and is recorded as a ______ value. minus
t/f. the proper way to measure near addition power is by turning the glasses around in the lensometer to the temples are pointing toward you, then measuring near and distance powers, taking the difference between the two as the near addition power. TRUE
as the power of the cylinder of a rx increases the ANSI tolerances for how far the cyll axis means that? high cyl requires the axis to be more exact
the ANSI recommends the following tolerances for acceptble limits of unwanted horizontal prism in a lens pair? if the PD is more than 2.5mm off and horizontal exceeds .67 the glasses fail.
the recommendation for vertical prism or mrp placement for lenses in a frame is ? .33
or _____ mm difference between left and right mrp heights when no prism is ordered ? 1.0mm
the rx is acceptable if either one or the other aspect_____? passes
the ansi recommendation in a mounted or unmounted lens pair is? +/- 1.0mm
the ansi recommendation for near PD tolerance for a mounted lens pair is ? +/- 2.5
prism is verified at a difference location on the PAL from where the distance Rx is verified t/f true
in practice the power of he near addition is seldom measured in the lensometer when verifing PAL's? true
when a wearer does come back with a complaint the most straightforward way to check for possible problems is first draw the markings back on the lenses and see if they are correct in relation to the pt and in the lensometer? t/f true
unwanted peripheral cyl power in a PAL, increases as the ____ power increase? add
what is the most common diameter of screw and also drill hole size on totally rimless glasses? 1.40mm
prism is verified at the ______ on progressive lenses? PRP
notice of privacy practices must be ______? placed on the back of every receipt and displayed prominently in the office
for safety eyewear the recommended standards became law when they were adopted by ______? OHSA
What is the recommended minimum edge thickness for a lens to be used in rimless/semi rimless? 2mm
to use the essilor computer lens you have a recommended minimum B measurement of _____ mm 30
this makes sure you have at least a _____mm fitting height from the pupil down to the bottom of the frame 15
when you order glasses for a special use or frame type and the lab sends you a statement that tells you what the glasses will actually read in the lensometer but it doesn't match the actual rx you ordered it is considered what type of rx? compsensated rx
the purpose of blowing air against both sides of a glass lens after heat treating the lens in a thermal - hardening unit is ? to create stress within the lens and increase impact resistance
PHI stands for ? protected health information
after coming off the edger you must safety bevel______ of a lens cut as rimless? the front and back
oral communication is subject to the same HIPPA rules as written T/F true
plano non rx safety glasses are monogrammed where? top middle
the two key documents for a direct health care provider are_____? notice of privacy practices and patient consent form
for safety eyewear the recommended became law when the were adopted by ____ osha
after coming off the edger you must safety bevel _______ of a lens cut as rimless. the front and back
for rimless (drill mount glasses) the drill bit must enter the lens at a ___________ degree angle? 90
a -3.00 lens is decentered 4mm inward toward the pupil . what prismatic effect is induced , and in what direction? 1.2 base out
just having z87 or z87.1 means that frame is rated for _____ ? basic impact resistance
the angle of the drill hole and the tilt of the drill depend on the ________ of the lens? curve
the ___ is where you get the information for drill hole location from the manufacturer. that information is then calculated into the x,y coordinate system and either typed in or drawn on the lens. drill map
which lens would have to be individually drop ball tested? -5.00 single vision crown glass
what math symbol marked on the lens of pair of safety lens you know they are suitable for high impact use? +
CR-39 needs to be cut wet or dry ? WET
POLYCARBONATE needs to be cut wet or dry? DRY
trivex needs to be cutt wet or dry or both both
high index plastics need to be cutt wet or dry? wet or dry
glass needs to be cut wet or dry? wet
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