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HWH Ch.14 Test

Chapter 14 Test Review

What was the chief goal of the crusades? To recover Jerusalem from the Muslims (take holy land)
What was the effect of the three-field system? Farmers produced more food (villagers had more to eat)
What did the Magna Carta guarantee? Basic legal rights
What was the name of the legislative body of medieval England? parliament
Which group was most responsible for the spread of the bubonic plague to Europe? Traders
What was the purpose of the Reconquista? To drive the Muslims out of Spain
Name three functions that the craft guild performed. - Set standards of quality (of work) - Train apprentices - Control wages and prices
What did the decisions of the English royal courts of justice create? English common law
How was the Great Schism finally resolved? All three popes were forced to resign and then a new pope was elected
What was the most important effect of the Hundred Years' War? It caused the development of national identities in England and France
Name three traits that characterize Gothic cathedral architecture. Sculptures, stained glass windows, high vaulted ceilings
In what kind of language did Dante Alighieri and Geoffrey Chaucer write? vernacular (local language)
What issue led to both the Magna Carta and the establishment of Parliament? How to end taxation without representation
What did the devastation caused by the bubonic plague contribute to? The disruption and collapse of medieval society
Who led the Norman conquest of England? William the Conqueror
To whom was Eleanor of Aquitaine married? Henry II
Who forced whom to sign the Magna Carta? The English nobility forced King John to sign
What provided the origin of English common law? Royal courts of justice
What Capetian king included commoners in the Estates General? Phillip IV
What king was the first to claim all of England as his personal property? William the Conqueror
List three developments that did the most to end the Middle Ages. -Hundred Years' War -bubonic plague -the Great Schism -Longbow
Why were Europeans able to begin studying ancient Greek works? Muslim and Byzantine libraries contained the writings of Greek philosophers
What was at stake in the Battle of Hastings? Whether the Normans or the Anglo Saxons would rule England
What was a negative effect of the crusades that has continued to the present? Hostility between the Muslims and Chiristians
List three problems faced by the Church. -What to do about priests who married and violated church law -Whether bishops should sell positions in the church -Whether kings in the church should appoint bishops
What were John Wycliffe's two main complaints about the Church? Church worldliness and papal authority
Whose rights did the Magna Carta originally intend to defend? The English nobility
How much more land could be farmed each year using the three-field system farmed? One-half of existing fields to two-thirds
What was the result of the Fourth Crusade? Western Christians looted Constantinople
What was the central issue of the Hundred Years' War? The throne of France
During the Middle Ages, where were most serfs likely to search for freedom? Towns or cities
What was the major cause of the Great Schism? Arguments about which man holding the position of pope was the true pope.
What was the nature of a craft guild? An association of people who worked at the same occupation
List three problems identified by church reformers during the Middle Ages. -Priests married and had families -Bishops sold positions in the church -Kings appointed bishops
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