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Foy WH Ch. 18 Test

What were some reasons Jews were persecuted against in the Middle Ages? They were blamed for the death of Jesus, not being a Christian, and for starting the Black Death.
Why did the eastern and western church disagree? The Pope believed that all Christians should answer to him and the Bishop of Constantinople disagreed.
What are some powers of the Pope? excommunicate his enemies, choose the king of the Holy Roman Empire, and head of the Christian church in western Europe
What did King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain do to make sure they only had Christians in their kingdom? They organized the Spanish Inquisition to find and punish non-Christians and they sent out their soldiers to wage war on the Muslim Moors.
Who held most of the power in the later Middle Ages? popes and kings
Why was the church one of the largest landholders in Europe during the late Middle Ages? Many people left land to the church after they died.
What monastery became an example of how monks should live? Cluny
What did Thomas Aquinas believe? If people studied natural law, then they could learn to live the way God wanted.
What are some facts about friars? They belonged to religious orders but lived and worked among the general public. They owned no property. Their main goal was to teach people how to live good Christian lives.
Why were the Crusades a failure for the Christian armies? They had to travel far. They weren’t prepared to fight in the desert. They were outnumbered and had poor leadership.
What did the Magna Carta say about habeas corpus? that people could not be put in jail without good cause
Where was a popular destination for Christians in Europe to go on pilgrimage? Canterbury
What was the result of the first Crusade? Nobles and knights defeated the Turks at Jerusalem and set up four small kingdoms in the Holy Land.
What are some reasons the Crusades were fought? The Holy Land had fallen into the hands of the Turkish Muslims. The Turks attacked Christian pilgrims in the Holy Land. The Turks began to raid the Byzantine Empire.
What clergy members were the most involved in political matters? bishops and abbots
Around how many people died in the Black Death? 25 million
What did markets, festivals, and religious activities all center around? the church
What did church officials do to people they accused of heresy? They were fined, put into prison, or killed.
What are some examples of religious art in the Middle Ages? tapestries, decorated robes, and beautiful religious books
How did Crusaders show they were fighting for God? They sewed crosses on their clothing.
What was the result of the later Crusades? Muslim armies eventually took back the Holy Land.
What was the outcome of the Hundred Years’ War? The English were driven out of France and the monarchy weakened.
What happened when King Henry IV chose a bishop for the Holy Roman Empire against the pope’s wishes? The pope excommunicated King Henry until he begged forgiveness.
What was a negative effect for everyone involved in the Crusades? There was a mistrust between Jews, Christians, and Muslims.
What are some powers of kings? keep order through alliances, keep order through warfare, and rule countries
What was the purpose of the first universities? To teach people mainly about the church, but also law, medicine, and astronomy.
What happened to the peasant Crusaders before they reached the Holy Land? They attacked Jews in Germany, blaming them for the death of Jesus. Most were killed by the Turks before they got there.
What example of architecture can be found in the Middle Ages? Gothic churches and cathedrals
What started the Hundred Years’ War? The King of France died without an heir and the King of England fought a French nobleman for control of the throne.
Why did the manor system fall apart during the Black Death? There were not enough people to work the fields. People abandoned the manors to work in the cities.
Created by: lfoy8290