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Middle Ages Review

Middle Ages Unit Test Review 4/29/16

True or False: Serfs had many opportunities to better their social and economic position. False
True or False: Medieval castles were large, beautiful, had dozens of private bedrooms, and included many luxuries, such as indoor plumbing and ventilation systems. False
True or False: Cannons and the long bow helped to bring about an end to the effectiveness of a knight’s value on the battlefield toward the end of the Middle Ages. True
True or False: Fires and the spread of disease were constant threats in medieval towns True
True or False: During the Middle Ages, groups of monks began living together in monasteries and abiding by a strict code of rules. True
True or False: Many Europeans believed that the Black Death had been sent by God to punish them for their sins. True
What is the term that describes the land given to a knight for his service? Fief
These people were legally tied to the manor and could not leave. Serfs
This killed off a large portion of the population, was carried by rats, and was also called the Bubonic Plague. Black Death
The document signed by King John that limited the power of the English Monarchy: Magna Carta
Under feudalism, lords granted land to vassals in exchange for what? Military protection
An agricultural estate run by a lord and worked by peasants: Manor
Business associations in the Middle Ages were called... Guilds
Who won the battle of Hastings? Wiliam of Normandy or William the Conqueroro
The Battle of Hastings lasted... 1 day.
This was the political and social system based on the ownership of land: Feudalism
Knights followed a code of honor that told how a knight should behave. What was the code called? Chivalry
Why was the Magna Carta an important English document? It granted rights to the people, and said the king must obey the law.
What was a major effect of the Crusades on Europe? It increased trade with non-European cultures.
The goal of the first crusade was to... take Jerusalem and Holy Land away from Muslims.
Castle were built for what purpose? Defense
Medieval shields were used as protection and as: identification of Knights.
How did monks and nuns improve life during the Middle Ages? They cared for the sick and poor.
What was one of the primary reasons for the spread of the Black Death? Increase in trade
Created by: Mrs.Luck