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Age of Exploration

Standard 6-6.4-6-6.6

Why did European countries begin to explore? Trade with Asia
The Silk Road became more dangerous more expensive to travel, so merchants began looking for what? Water route to Asia
Astrolabe Ancient Greek device used to find latitude
Compass Invented by the Chinese; helped navigators find magnetic north
Triangular sails Developed by Arabs to help zigzag into the wind
Caravel Portuguese ship made with multiple masts and smaller sails
Which European country was the first to explore? Portugal
Which European country was the first to develop and exploit the African slave trade? Portugal
Which European country was the first to find a water route to Asia? Portugal
Prince Henry the Navigator 1419 - setup up a research center for sailors, cartographers, and shipbuilders to help explore the world
Bartolomeu Dias Portuguese explorer that reached the southern tip of Africa
Vasco da Gama Portuguese explorer who found the first water route to Asia
Which European country was trying to establish an empire in the Americas? Spain
Christopher Columbus Discovered the New World; thought he had landed in Asia
Ferdinand Magellan Explorer that was first to circumnavigate the earth
Which European country was searching for a northern route to Asia? England
John Cabot Explorer that discovered Newfoundland and traveled the coast of Canada
Which European country was developing more permanent settlements than any other country? England
Which European country developed a successful fur trade centered around the Great Lakes and Mississippi River Valley? France
What was the motto (saying) mostly related to the Conquistadors? God, Glory, Gold!
Hernando Cortes Spanish conquistador that conquered the Aztecs
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador that conquered the Incas
Which European country explored modern-day Canada? France
Created by: NYongue