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Medical Terms Roots

Medical Terms Roots (From Medical Terms for Dummies)

Abdomin/o Abdomen
Acr/o Extremities
Aden/o Gland
Adren/o Adrenal gland
Alveoli/o Air sac
Angi/o Vessel
Anter/o Front
Arteri/o Artery
Arteriol/o Artery
Arthr/o Joint
Ather/o Fatty degeneration
Athr/o Joint
Atri/o Atrium
Audi/o Hearing
Axill/o Armpit, axilla
Balan/o Glans penis
Bio- Life
Blephar/o Eyelid or eyelash
Brachi/o Arm
Bronch/i, bronch/o Bronchus
Bronchial/o Bronchiole
Bronchiol/o Bronchiole
Bucc/o Cheek (on the face!)
Canth/o Angle of the eyelids
Capit/o Head
Carcin/o Cancer
Carp/o Heart
Caud/o Wrist
Cellul/o Tail/downward
Cephal/o Head
Cerebell/o Cerebellum
Cerebr/i, cerebr/o Cerebrum
Cervic/o Neck or cervix (neck of uterus)
Cheil/o, chil/o Lip
Cheir/o, chir/o Hand
Chol/e Bile
Cholecyst/o Gallbladder
Choledoch/o Common bile duct
Chondr/i, chondr/o Cartilage
Chrom/o Color
Cili/o Eyelash or eyelid, or small hair-like processes
Col/o Colon
Colp/o Vagina
Cor/e, cor/o Pupil of eye
Cost/o Rib
Cry/o Cold
Crypt/o Hidden
Cutane/o Skin
Cyan/o Blue
Cysti, cyst/o Bladder or cyst
Cyt/o Cell
Derm/a, derm/o, dermat/o Skin
Dipl/o Double, twice
Dors/i, dors/o Back or posterior
Duoden/o Duodenum
Encephal/o Brain
Enter/o Intestine
Episi/o Vulva
Erythr/o Red
Esophag/o Esophagus
Faci/o Face
Fibr/o Fibers
Galact/o Milk
Gastr/o Stomach
Gingiv/o Gums in mouth
Gloss/o Tongue
Glyc/o Sugar
Gnath/o Jaws
Gynec/o Female
Hemat/o Blood
Hepat/o, hepatic/o Liver
Heter/o Other, different
Hidr/o Sweat
Hist/o, histi/o Tissue
Hom/o, home/o Same, alike
Hydr/o Water, wet
Hyster/o Uterus
Ili/o Ilium (pelvic bone)
Irid/o Iris of eye
Jejun/o Jejunum
Kerat/o Cornea of eye, horny tissue
Labi/o Lips
Lacrima Tears
Lapar/o Abdomen, loin, or flank
Laryng/o Larynx
Later/o Side
latr/o Treatment
Leuk/o White
Lingu/o Tongue
Lipid/o Fat
Lith/o Stone (in gallbladder or kidney)
lle/o Ileum (intestine)
lnguin/o Groin
lntestin/o Intestine
Lymph/o Lymph vessels
Mamm/a, mamm/o Breast
Mast/o Breast
Melan/o Black
Men/o Menses, menstruation
Mening/o Meninges
Metr/a, metr/o Uterus
My/o Muscle
Myel/o Bone marrow or spinal cord
Myring/o Eardrum
Nas/o Nose
Nat/o Birth
Necr/o Death
Nephr/o Kidney
Neur/o Nerve
Occipit/o Back of the head
Ocul/o Eye
Odont/o Teeth
Omphal/o Umbilicus
Onych/o Nails
Oophor/o Ovary
Ophthalm/o, ocul/o Eyes
Optic/o, opt/o Seeing, sight
Or/a Mouth
Orchid/o, orchi/o Testis
Oss/eo, oss/i, ost/e, ost/eo Bone
Ot/o Ear
Palat/o Roof of mouth
Papill/o Nipple
Path/o Disease
Pelv/o Pelvis
Peritone/o Peritoneum
Phall/o Penis
Pharmac/o Drug
Pharyng/o Pharynx
Phleb/o Vein
Phren/o Diaphragm
PiI/o Hair
Pleur/o Pleura, rib (side)
Pneum/a, pneum/o Lungs
Pneum/ato, pneum/ono Lungs
Pod/o Foot
Polio Gray matter of nervous system
Proct/o Rectum, anus
Pulmon/o Lungs
Py/o Pus
Pyel/o Pelvis of kidney
Rect/o Rectum
Ren/i, ren/o Kidney
Rhin/o Nose
Sacr/o Sacrum
Salping/o Fallopian tube
Sarc/o Flesh
Scapul/o Scapula
Sept/o Infection
Somat/o Body
Splen/o Spleen
Spondyl/o Vertebra
Stern/o Sternum
Steth/o Chest
Stomat/o Mouth
Tal/o Ankle
Tars/o Foot
Tend/o, ten/o Tendon
Testicul/o Testis
Therm/o Heat
Thorac/o Chest/thorax
Thym/o Thymus
Thyr/o Thyroid gland
Thyroid/o Thyroid gland
Tonsill/o Tonsils
Trache/o Trachea
Trachel/o Neck or necklike
Trich/o Hair or hairlike
Tympan/o Eardrum
Ur/e, ur/ea, ur/eo, urin/o, ur/o Urine
Ureter/o Ureter
Urethr/o Urethra
Vas/o Vas deferens
Vas/o, ven/o Vein
Ventr/i, ventr/o Front of body
Vesic/o Bladder
Viscer/o Viscera (internal organs)
Xanth/o Red, redness
Xer/o Dry
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