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WH1 SOL 15


Absolute Power Having complete power
Humanism Focus on human beings, human potential, and achievements
Disseminate scatter widely
Secular having nothing to do with religion; dealing with worldly affairs
Renaissance time period having an explosion of creativity in Europe; rebirth; revival 100 AD-1600 AD
Treatise Formal account in writing dealing with a subject systematically; such as a guidebook
Moveable type blocks of metal or wood each with a single character that can be arranged for printing
Sonnet 14 line poem
Patron a person who supports, or champions a cause
Usury lending money at an illegal interest rate
Republic Government where the power is in the hands of the representatives that are elected
City-state Independent city and its surrounding area
Sir Thomas More Wrote "Utopia"; combined learning with Christian piety
Erasmus Wrote "The Praise of Folly"; Dutch humanist interested in classical ideas and individualism
Michelangelo Painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel; painter, sculpted the famous "David" masterpiece
Leonardo da Vinci Painted "Mona Lisa" and the "Last Supper"; example of a "Renassaince Man" because he was an artist, scholar, inventor, etc.
Petrarch Wrote sonnets; poet; most influential humanist
Machiavelli Wrote "The Prince" (1st modern work about government); philosopher
Lorenzo (The Magnificent) Medici Member of the powerful family that essentially ran Florence; was a patron of the arts
Vernacular everyday or native language
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