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what is phlebotomy ? Incision or Puncture of vein to collect blood
definition of Phleb/o mean vein
definition of tomy ? Cut / Incision / puncture
The Purpose of Phlebotomy is Diagnostics Purposes , Screening Purpose , Research and *Therapeutic Purpose
Polycythemia is Too many Blood cells / Therapeutic phlebotomy
Hemochromatosis Storage of iron
Name of test given in phlebotomy Blood ph / Arterial Blood
why take blood from the vein and not the artery ? It is easy access ( Exception )
another name for red blood c ells Erythrocyte
Red blood cells has No Nucleus , and No Hemoglobin
heme contains Iron
Globin contains proteins
what do red blood cells destroy ? The Spin and liver
life span of red blood cells is ? 120 days
what is white and red blood cells formed by Bone marrow
another name white blood cells ? Leukocyte
what are the the most common white blood cell ? neutrophil
what are the 5 different types of white blood cells? Neutrophil, Lymphocyte,Monocyte, basophil and eosinophil .
what is eosinophil responsible for? allergic reaction
what does lymphocyte do ? Fight against virus , tumor and cancer
lymphocyte b becomes plasma cell and the produce antibody
Lymphocyte T CD8 T cell cytotoxic cell
HIV cell count is CD4 cell / 400-500 cells
what is the number of HIV cells turn into Aids less then 50 cells
Another name Platelet is Therombolyte
Plasma is The present of blood clotting
Serum is Clotting factor absent , ( Liquid )
blood Ph count 7.35 to 7.45
what is thicker the vein or the artery Artery
what carries blood toward the heart Vein
what does the artey carries Oxygenated
what carries blood away form the heart artery
what has no value the artery or vien artery
what does the vein carry Deoxygenated Blood
what is capillary the smallest vecile / its the connection in between the artery and vein
what is the site for Exchange ? Capillary
Most common vein for Phlebotomy Media cubital vein
what is the best angle for vein venipuncture ? 15-30 degrees
what is the amount/ volume of blood for a healthy person 5 L
centrifuge is when the blood cells separate from the plasma and serum
What is the machine called that is used for sterilization autoclave
most important step during venipuncture is to identify the patient
homeostasis is to stopping the blood flow
most common artery for arteriotomy radial artery
best angle for needle into the artery ? 90 degrees
how many degrees on radial artery 45 degrees
how may grams of insulin syringe 13 Grams
best angle to insert needle into the radial artery ? 45 degrees
what will happen if the tourniquet is left on the arm longer then one minute hemoconcentration
what is hemoconcentration Leakage of plasma (fluid) from blood vesselsinto tissue , resulting in a higher than normal cellular concentration.
alcohol pad should be what percentage of isoprophyl 70 percent
what cell has no nucleus Rbc
the most significant infection control hand wash
most common complication during venipuncture is bruising
ideal tube for cbc (complete blood count )is lavender
when blood becomes clot , the liquid part is called serum
study of diseases is called pathology
life span for red blood cells is 120 days
Bp formed during contraction of heart Systolic bp
Iron containing pigment is called Hemoglobin
with diabetes what test is given Oral glucose test
what finger has a pulse thumb
phlebotomy primary job Preanalysis
what is the percentage of the plasma 55 percent
what is the percentage of the cells or formed elements 45 percent
HIV destroy cp4T
to avoid micro-clotting , how many times is the purple tube inserted 8
instrument used for spinning Centrifuze
where is the location of the antecubital vein the arm
what does O'2 (oxygen) binds with hemoglobin (iron)
homestasis refers to balance / steady state
chemical substance that prevent blood from clotting anticoagulant
how many chromosome is in a human cell 46
the ideal angle for inserting the needle in the skin ? 15-30
butterfly refers to Wings infusion set
Instrument used for sterizalation autoclave
alcohol should be allowed to drying how many seconds ? 6-10 sec
which following blood test is light sensitive Bilirubin
Glycolytic means break down of glucose
color code for needle indicates gage
yellow tube additive anticoagulant SPS (sodium polyanethol sulfonate) & ACD (acid citrate dextrose) / blood cultures
for new borns , the penetration depth of lancet must be less how many milimeters 2 mm
which following specimen would likely be taken to anatomic pathology biopsy tissue
to chill a blood specimen as it is transported,the health care should use icy water
approximently how long does it take a normal blood specimen to clot 25-30 seconds
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