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Chapters 10-18

adamantinoma (adamantin/o/ma) a tumor arising from enamel-forming cells
adamantoblast (adamant/o/blast) an embryonic enamel cell
aerocele (aer/o/cel/e) herniation caused by air
alveolitis (alveol/itis) inflammation of a tooth socket
ambidextrous (ambi/dextr/ous) using both right and left hands
amelodential (amel/o/dentin/al) pertains to the enamel and dentin layers of teeth
aminorrhexis (amni/o/rrhex/is) rupture of the amniotic sac
android (andr/oid) resembling a man
apicectomy (apic/ec/tom/y) excision of teh apex of the root of a tooth
apophysis (apo/phy/sis) growth away from the center
astomia (a/stom/ia) congenital abscence of a mouth
audiology (audi/o/log/y) the study of hearing
aural (aur/al) pertains to ears, hearing
auriform (aur/i/form) having the shape of an ear
balanic (balan/ic) relates to the glans penis
bilabial (bi/labi/al) pertains to both lips
bronchial (bronchi/al) slow contraction (of the bowel)
bronchiolectasis (bronchiol/ec/ta/sis) dilation of bronchioles
buccal (bucc/al) study of mosses
cervicovaginitis (cervic/o/vagin/itis) inflammation of the cervix and vagina
ch(e)iloplasty (ch(e)il/o/plast/y) surgical repair of the lip
chorditis (chord/itis) inflammation of the vocal cords
collateral (col/later/al) pertains to location side by side
colpatresia (colp/a/tre/sia) imperforation of the vagina
consanguineous (con/sanguin/eous) pertains to those related by blood
contralateral (contra/later/al) pertains to the opposite side
cryptomenorrhea (crypt/o/men/o/rrhe/a) hidden menstrual flow
cuspidate (cuspid/ate) having a (single) point
cystoscope (cyst/o/scop/e) instrument to examine the bladder
dentiform (dent/i/form) having a tooth shape
dentilingual (dent/i/lingu/al) pertains to the teeth and tongue
dentinogenic (dentin/o/gen/ic) causing the formation of dentin
dyspnea (dys/pne/a) difficulty in breathing
dystocia (dys/toc/ia) painful childbirth condition
epididymitis (epididym/itis) inflammation of the epididymis
epiglottic (epiglott/ic) relates to teh epiglottis
epiglottidectomy (epiglottid/ec/tom/y) excision of the epiglottis
epimandibular (epi/mandibul/ar) relates to an area upon the mandible
epiphrenic (epi/phren/ic) relates to a location over the diaphragm
euphonic (eu/phon/ic) relates to a good sound or voice
fetometry (fet/o/metr/y) measurement of the fetus
frenotomy (fren/o/tom/y) incision of a frenulum
gingivalgia (gingiv/alg/ia) pain of the gums
glomerular (glmoerul/ar) relates to the glomeruli of the kidney
glossoplegia (gloss/o/pleg/ia) paralysis of (one side) of the tounge
gnathoschisis (gnath/o/schi/sis) splitting of the jaw
gynecologist (gynec/o/log/ist) one who specializes in the study of women's health
hygrostomia (hygr/o/stom/ia) condition of a moist mouth
hypercementosis (hyper/cement/o/sis) condition of excessive cementum in teeth
hysterometry (hyster/o/metr/y) measurement of teh uterus
juxtaglomerular (juxta/glomerul/ar) relates to a location near a glomerulus
labiodental (labi/o/dent/al) pertains to sounds produced between lips and teeth
laryngectomy (laryng/ec/tom/y) excision of the larynx
lithuria (lith/ur/ia) condition in which stones are present in the urine
macrostomia (macr/o/stom/ia) condition of having a large mouth
meatoplasty (meat/o/plast/y) surgical repair of an anatomical opening
menostaxis (men/o/stax/is) dripping of menses
metrectasia (metr/ec/ta/sia) dilation of the uterus
monogamy (mon/o/gamy/y) state of having one union/marriage
multigravida (mult/i/gravid/a) woman who has had many pregnancies
nasoantral (nas/o/antr/al) pertains to the nose and nasal cavity
nasoscope (nas/o/scop/e) instrument to examine the nose
nasoseptitis (nas/o/sept/itis) inflammation of the nasal septum
nephrosclerosis (nephr/o/scler/o/sis) hardening of the kidney
nullipara (null/i/par/a) woman who has born no children
odonthotherapy (odont/o/therap/y) treatment of the teeth
oliguria (olig/ur/ia) condition of passing little urine
onychoschizia (onych/o/schiz/ia) a condition of split nails
oocyst (o/o/cyst) an egg sac
oophoroma (oophor/o/ma) ovarian tumor
orchidoptosis (orchid/o/pto/sis) prolapse of a testicle
orchiectomy (orchi/ec/tom/y) excision of a testicle
orolingual (or/o/lingu/al) pertains to the mouth and the tounge
orthodontist (orth/o/dont/ist) one who specializes in straight teeth
ovariocyesis (ovari/o/cye/sis) pregnancy within an ovary
oviferous (ov/i/fer/ous) carrying eggs
ovoid (ov/oid) egg like in shape
palatal (palat/al) pertains to the hard plate
palatochisis (plat/o/schi/sis) splitting of the hard plate
penischisis (pen/i/schi/sis) splitting of the penis
peonscrotal (pen/o/scrot/al) pertains to the penis and scrotum
percutaneous (per/cutan/eous) pertains to passing through the skin
periodontal (peri/odont/al) pertain to the area around the teeth
phallorrhagia (phall/o/rrhag/ia) discharge from the penis
pharyngismus (pharyng/ism/us) spasm of the pharynx
pharyngitis (pharyng/itis) inflammation of the pharynx
pleurocentesis (pleur/o/cente/sis) surgical puncture of the pleura
pneumatology (pneumat/o/log/y) study of gases
pneumoconiosis (pneum/o/coni/o/sis) abnormal condition of dust in the lungs
pneumodynamics (pneum/o/dynam/ic/s) science of the lung's powers of respiration
pneumonectomy (pneumon/ec/tom/y) surgical removal of a lung
polyuria (pol/y/ur/ia) condition of passing much urine
prostatomengaly (prostat/o/megal/y) enlargement of teh prostate gland
pulmonitis (pulmon/itis) inflammation of the lungs
pulmolith (pulm/o/lith) calculus in the lung
pyelolithotomy (pyel/o/lith/o/tom/y) incision to remove stones from the renal pelivs
renicardiac (ren/i/cardi/ac) relates to the heat and the kideny
renopathy (ren/o/path/y) kidney disease
retroplasia (retro/pla/sia) backward formation, degeneration
rhinedema (rhin/ede/ma) swelling of the nose
salpingocyesis (salping/o/cye/sis) pregnancy within a fallopian tube
schistoglossia (schist/o/gloss/ia) condition of having a split tongue
scrotocele (scrot/cel/e) herniation of the scrotum
sminal (semin/al) pertains to semen
sinusitis (sinus/itis) inflammation of the sinuses
spermatolysis (spermat/o/ly/sis) destruction of sperm
staphyloplasty (staphyl/o/plast/y) surgical repair of the soft plate
stomatopathy (stomat/o/path/y) disease of the mouth
subglottic (sub/glott/ic) relates to an area under the glottis
submaxillary (sub/maxill/ar/y) pertains to teh area under the maxilla
testectomy (test/ec/tom/y) surgical removal of a testicle
thoracometry (thorac/o/metr/y) measurement of the chest
trachelectomy (trachel/ec/tom/y) excision of the cervix
tracheopyosis (trache/o/py/o/sis) condition of having puss in the trachea
tussigenic (tuss/i/gen/ic) causing a cough
ultrabrachycephalic (ultra/brach/y/cephal/ic) relates to a head size beyond short
uraniscorrhaphy (uranisc/o/rrhaph/y) suture of the hard palate
urethrostaxis (uther/o/stax/is) dripping of urine
urethrostenosis (urethr/o/sten/o/sis) narrowing of the urethra
urodynia (ur/odyn/ia) pain experienced in urination
uroschesis (ur/o/sche/sis) urinary retention
uterotonic (uter/o/ton/ic) relates to muscle tone of the uterus
uvuloptosis (uvul/o/pto/sis) sagging of the uvula
vaginoscopy (vagin/o/scop/y) exammination of the vagina
vasosection (vas/o/sect/ion) action of cutting the vas deferens
velopharyngeal (vel/opharyng/eal) relates to the soft plate and pharynx
vesicotomy (vesic/o/tom/y) incision of the bladder
xerophthalmia (xer/ophthalm/ia) condition of dry eyes
acousia (acou/sia) the normal hearing condition
acoustic (acoust/ic) relates to hearing
acusis (acu/sis) normal hearing
albiduria (albid/ur/ia) condition of white (to colorless) urine
amblyopia (ambl/y/op/ia) dulled vision
amphivorous (amphi/vor/ous) pertains to living both on land and in water
anorexia (an/orex/ia) condition of having no appetite
apathy (a/path/y) a state of having no feeling or interest
archarology (archae/o/log/y) the study of ancient times and objects
auricle (aur/i/cle) a small ear (diminutive form)
autonomy (aut/o/nom/y) self regulation
barognosis (bar/o/gno/sis) recognition of the relative weights of objects
bifurcate (bi/furc/ate) having two forks
bilabial (bi/labi/al) pertains to both lips
binaural (bin/aur/al) pertains to two ears
blepharoplegia (blephar/o/pleg/ia) paralysis of the eyelid
brachyuranic (brach/y/uran/is) relates to a short palate
bronchial (bronchi/al) pertains to the bronchus
bronchiole (bronchi/ole) a small bronchus (diminutive form)
bronchiolectasis (bronchiol/ec/ta/sis) dilation of the bronchioles
bronchitis (bronch/itis) inflammation of the bronchi
bryology (bry/o/log/y) study of mosses
buccal (bucc/al) pertains to the cheeks
cacogeusia (cac/o/geu/sia) a bad taste
carnivore (carn/i/vor/e) a flesh eater
carpophagous (carp/o/phag/ous) pertains to the wrist
caudad (caud/ad) toward the tail
causalgia (caus/alg/ia) paon resulting from a burn
caustic (caust/ic) relates to burning sensation or effect
centifidous (cent/i/fid/ous) pertains to itema
cerebellum (cereb[r]/ellum) a small cerebrum
cervicovaginitis (cervic/o/vagin/itis) inflammation of the cervix and vagina
che(e)iloplasty (ch(e)il/o/plast/y) surgical repair of the lips
chloropia (chlor/op/ia) a condition in which vision has a green coloration
chorditis (chord/itis) inflammation of the vocal chords
choroidoretinitis (choroid/o/retin/itis) inflammation of the choroid amd retina
ciliary (cili/ary) pertains to the eyelashes or hair
cochlear (cochle/ar) relates to the cholea of the inner ear
collteral (col/later/al) pertains to the location side by side
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