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DU PA Neuroradiology

Duke PA Neuroradiology

if you are ordering a skull radiograph there is a strong chance that __ you are doing the wrong thing
indications for skull radiographs pre-MRI, pre-surgical planning
__ accounts for 80% of head trauma deaths in <2 yo child abuse
when do you care about radiation the most pregnancy and kids
fat is bright on __ MRI T1
fluid is bright on __ MRI T2
H2O is bright on __ MRI T2
contrast injected in subarachnoid space, viewed under fluroscopy or CT myelography
reasons for doing myelography instead of MRI for evaluation of spinal cord abnormalities can't do an MRI for any reason (obesity, embeded metal, pacemaker) MRI is first choice when possible
contrast injected into blood vessels under fluoroscopy angiography
indications for angiography vessel blood flow, vessel anatomy, interventions
__ much more common than angiography CTA and MRA
indications for nuclear imaging blood flow, brain activity (alzheimer disease, parkinson, epilepsy)
radiopharmaceuticals localize in tissue, emit detectable radiation nuclear imaging
__ is draped just lateral to the lateral ventricles caudate
when there is a lack of reabsorption of CSF non-obstructive hydrocephalus
__ is a star supersellar cistern
__ smiles at you if there is no problem quadrigeminal cistern
modality of choice for head trauma noncontrast CT
why use noncontrast CT when evaluating head trauma contrast shows up the same as blood on CT
5 emergency questions to aske when viewing a CT is the middle of the brain in the middle of the head. Is there symmetry. Is the suprasellar cistern a star. Is the 4th ventricle midline and symmetric. Is the lateral ventricle effaced
an epidural hematoma is usually caused by damage to an __ artery
what is the most injured cranial artery leading to an epidural bleed middle meningeal artery
crescentic free flowing hematoma in the brain is usually a subdural hematoma
etiology of a subdural hematoma acceleration/deceleration injury, veins transversing subdural space
hematoma that will follow the contours of the brain subarachnoid hematoma
ruptured aneurysms can cause subarachnoid hematoma
worst headache of my life, thunder clap subarachnoid hematoma
mechanism for orbital blow out fracture punched in the eye
burst fracture of C1 jefferson fracture
extension and distraction fracture of C2 hangman's fracture
fracture of C7 spinous process clay shoveler's fracture
third leading cause of death cerbrovascular disease
blurring of the gray white junction on CT is an early sign of stroke
hyperdense artery on CT is sign of thrombotic stroke
imaging modality of choice for brain neoplasms MRI
in every patient with a headache look for __ for sign of increased cranial pressure papilledema
intra-axial refers to brain parynchyma
extra-axial refers to meninges, ventricles, skull
if you give contrast to a meningioma it is __ light bulb bright
most common site for brain tumor in children posterior fossa
imaging of choice for acute sinusitis not needed
imaging of choice for chronic sinusitis not needed
reason for getting imaging for sinusitis failed treatment (could be fungal, neoplasm), preparation for surgery,
study of choice to rule out croupe x-ray
steeple sign is seen in croupe
croupe tends to be __ in etiology viral
presentation: acute fever, dysphagia, stridor, sniffing position, respiratory failure, thumb print sign epiglottitis
most common AIDS related CNS opportunistic infection toxoplasmosis
ring enhancing lesions in a patient with AIDS could be toxoplasmosis or cancer
age 20-40, females>males, autoimmune destruction of myelin, lesion in time and space multiple sclerosis
multiple sclerosis has findings on MRI, unfortunately __ they overlap with other diseases
wet, wobbly, and weird Normal pressure hydrocephalus
symptoms of incontinence, gait abnormalities, and dementia (emotional disturbance) Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
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