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World War 2

Explain D-Day. How did the Allies achieve it? What were the results of and after the invasion? Allies invaded France, Pushed the Nazis back, liberated France
What was NATO? What did it do? How did the Soviets respond? Military alliance, if one is attacked all other nations help defend that ally. Soviets created Warsaw Pact
Explain Island Hopping. How did it work? What were the goals the US hoped to accomplish? Going Island to Island capturing some, get close to Japan
Truman Doctrin Gave money, supplies to those fighting communism, containment
Nazi Soviet Pact Agreement between Nazis and Soviets.Don't fight. Divide Poland
French military general that lead the French Resistance against the occupying Nazis Charles De Gaulle
Giving into demands appeasement
Deliberate killing of a group of people Genocide
Nazi extermination attempt of 6 million Jews Holocaust
Nazi leader who invaded Poland Adolf Hitler
Opposition to all war pacifism
German name for Lighting War blitzkrieg
The Union of Germany and Austria Anschluss
Britain able to win battle of britain because of this radar
Japanese pilots who undertook suicide missions to attack American warships kamikaze
Type of government that Hitler installed in areas he conqured Puppet governement
US commander in the Pacific MacArthur
US General of all Allied Forces in Europe Eisenhower
The channeling of all resources to war Total War
When the men left for war, jobs were filled by the Women
British leader who used appeasement to deal with Hitler Chamberlain
To issue penalties Sanctions
Germany, Italy and Japan form this during WW2 The Axis Power
In 1931 Japan invades Manchuria
Limiting Communism to areas already controlled by the Soviet Union Containment
State of tensions between 2 nations but now armed conflict occurs Cold War
Spanish Fascist ruler Franisco Franco
Agreement that if Hitler got the Sudetenland he wouldn't invade anymore areas Munich Pact
US President who made the call to drop the A-Bomb Truman
In 1936 Hitler went against Versailles when he entered The Rhineland
Last major battle the Germans won Battle of the Bulge
Britain and France declared War on Germany after Hitler invaded Poland
Leader of Itlay during World War 2 Benito Mussolini
What Nation did Hitler take over after going around the Maginot Line France
The British and American stopped Rommel's advancements El Alamein
Battle where the Soviets were able to defeat the Germans Stalingrad
City that the Germans sieged for over 2 years Leningrad
Attack that brought American into World War 2 Pearl Harbor
Where were the Atomic Bombs drops Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When Roosevelt and Churchill met to discuss war, they also issued this Atlantic Charter
The replacement organization for the League of Nations UN
The two battles that stopped the Japanese advance in the Pacific Coral Sea Midway
The two land battles that helped the US set up the island hopping strategy Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands
To the Nazis, occupied lands were meant to be looted and plundered
A month after the Allies invaded Italy what happened? The Italian Army surrenders
The day that Germany surrendered was known as V-E Day
The 2 battles that were the bloodiest in the Pacific Theater during World War 2 Iwo Jima and Okinawa
In the UN every nation got 1 vote, but the United States, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and China were able to veto issues because they were part of the Security Council
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