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chapter 5 notes

The Land study guide

Gideon the leader of the tribe manasseh then comes under oppression by modianite desert dwellers who raid the land and ruin its crops
Baal an idol that the people were worshiping and who Gideon ruined
Deborah a judge and prophet and was a magistrate of the tribe of Naphtali who decided local disputes for her people
Jael wife of sisera's friend who serves sisera when he comes
Sisera has an army who fleas to go to Jael
Barack fearfully agreed to go if deborah will go with him
Samson falls in love with a philistine women and kills a lion barehanded and his hair was his strenth
Delilah a woman brided by the philistines to find the secrets of samsons strength
Ruth the wife of one of Naomis sons and creates a great relationship with naomi
Naomi has two sons to start life again on the plain of moab and had a love for young women
Boaz a kingsman of naomis late husband and a man of wealth and influences
god chooses unlikely people what is the purpose of the book of Joshua
Judges: what is the main purpose of the books of Joshua/ Judges/ Ruth
a history of self- examination and consisted of Joshua, Judges, Samuel, and Kings/ was written what is the Deuteronomic History/ what books are included/ when was it written
as the priests' feet touch the water it stops flowing so they can walk through what happens as the israelites cross the jordan river
create a stone memorial that each tribe had carried across the river -- totaled 12 rocks what are the first things they do when they get into Canaan
deep peace of god what is shalom
devotion to god for destruction what is the ban- is it meant to give us moral direction about war
they were defeated at the city of Ai because of Achan a man who disobeyed the ban and stole loot what happened at Ai
called this because the refuge was usually at a religious place, protecting people from vengence what is sanctuary
book of deliverers what could the book of judges also be called
a tribal leader through whom god delivers the people from destruction what is a judge- what were they like
12 total with 6 major and minor how many were there (minor/ major)
what is a nazrite
his hair what is samson's strength
he causes his own death how does samson die
to marvel at the kind of people god can make use of/ to provide stories for the exile/ to remind the exiles of how their nation had become weak what is the purpose of the story of samson
to teach how god could create a blessed ending out of difficult situation/ to tell how it came about that king david had a gentile (non jew) as his great grandmother what is the purpose of the book of ruth
1. sin- idol worship, self-indulgence) 2. attacked and persecuted by enemies. 3. repent and ask god for help. 4. god forgives- and gives them a judge and they triumph over their enemies (sin/ disaster/ repentance/ deliverance) what is the destructive cycle
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