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World War 2

World War 2 technology

A military conflict in which ALL of a nations resources are utilized to defeat an enemy. total war
How did new technology aid countries in World War 2? new technology improved the speed and impact of existing weapons
What countries made up the Allies powers? U.S. Britain, France, USSR
What countries made up the Axis powers? Germany, Italy, Japan
How many lives were lost during World War 2? 60-80 Million
What term is the "lightning War"? Blitzkrieg
Why did Britain and France declare war on Germany in 1939? Germany invaded Poland
Why did the U.S enter WW 2 in 1941.? Peal Harbor attacks
What country bombed Pearl Harbor? Japan
Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor? to cripple the US Pacific fleet
Why did the Soviets change from the Axis powers and join forces with the Allies powers? Germany invaded Russia and broke their agreement.
When did the mass murder of Jews begin at Auschwitz? 1942
What is D Day? The Allied invasion of France, Paris was liberated from Germany.
Why was D Day an important event in WW 2 history? It was a major victory for the Allied powers and led to defeat of Germany.
What is "Fat Man and Little Boy? The atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Why did japan surrender in 1945? U.S. dropped Atomic bombs on 2 Japanese cities.
Why did Germany surrender in 1945? Russia reached Berlin forcing the German surrender.
Why was aircraft technology so important in WW2? Speed and ability to bomb large areas
Why did tanks play such an important role in WW 2? The need for troop mobility and the need for speed on the battlefield
Why did the U.S. drop Atomic bombs on Japan? To force them to surrender
What is the Enigma machine? Nazi encoded communication device.
Why did countries use secret codes to communicate? To send messages over the airways to communicate strategies and commands
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