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Rome...a city become

Covers the Republic, the growth of empire and the imperial monarchy era.

Who did Rome fight during the Punic Wars? Carthage
How did victory in the Punic Wars affect Rome? It led to Rome controlling more territory as well as the Mediterranean Sea.
What was the Pax Romana? A golden age for the Roman Empire. A time when the economy was strong and the Empire was expanding.
First Roman emperor Augustus Caesar
Latin Latin led to the creation of Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Vast system of Roman roads The roads served as trade routes for merchants and missionaries, like St. Paul.
Constantinople New capital of the empire. It was a safer location and had a better location for trade.
Roman Republic Rome's first system of government. It was based on citizens electing Senators to make laws.
Imperial Monarchy Rome's system of government from 27 BCE-476 CE. Emperors had total power.
Patricians Roman nobles
Plebeians Roman "common" people
Constantine First Roman Emperor to become a Christian. Legalized Christianity for everyone.
Julius Caesar A Roman general who became a dictator before he was assassinated by the Roman Senate.
Uniform system of money Helped the economy of the Roman Empire
Laws of the 12 Tables The Roman legal code. During the Pax Romana it was used throughout the Empire.
Aqueducts, Colosseum, the Pantheon Roman buildings that still influence Western civilization.
St. Paul An Apostle [aka Christian missionary] who spread Christianity throughout the empire
The First Triumvirate When three dictators ruled the Roman Empire: Julius Caesar, Pompey, and Crassus
Created by: Jamesp313