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Vocab Words

Stuff that needs Studyin.

What is an "I.E.P."? Individual Education Program.
What is "Asperger’s Syndrome"? A milder form of autism, presenting with milder stereotypies and social delays than Autism itself.
What is "Autism"? A spectrum of social, developmental, and mental delays that have no known cause or cure. Presents with stereotypies such as rocking back and forth to self-comfort.
What is "Down Syndrome"? A genetic disorder of the 21st chromosome, characterized by developmental and intellectual delays. Can be identified by the unusual facial features.
What does it mean to be "Mentally Challenged"? Also known as intellectual disability, it is characterized by below average intelligence and set of life skills present before the age of 18.
What does it mean to be "Typically developing"? Not receiving special education services.
What does it mean to have "Behavioral Problems"? When someone does not behave the way want them to.
What's an "Accommodation"? A convenient arrangement, settlement or compromise.
What's a "Cochlear Implant"? An implant that goes behind the ear that can grant or restore hearing.
What's a "Modification"? The action of modifying something.
What's a "Developmental Delay"? The condition of a child being less developed mentally or physically than is normal for it’s age.
What's the "Executive Function"? The complicated things the brain gets up to.
What does it mean to be "Haptic"? Involving the sense of touch.
What does "Gustatory" refer to or is know as? Involving the sense of taste.
What's "Memory"? The process by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved.
What does Kinesthetic "Learning" refer to or is know as? Learning by doing.
What are "Prefrontal Lobes" and what do they do? The parts of the brain that carry out executive function.
What does it mean to be "Hearing"? To perceive sound.
What does it mean to be "Seeing"? Perceiving things with the eyeballs.
What does it mean to be "Observing"? Understanding what you’re seeing.
What does it mean to have a "Learning Disability"? A condition giving rise to difficulties in acquiring knowledge and skills to the level expected of those of the same age, especially when not associated with a physical handicap.
What does it mean to have "Speech and Language"? Producing words properly.
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