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Disp III test

ocular motility

Ocular Motility movements of the eye in all directions of gaze and its relationship in movement with the other eye.
what does the name Orthoptics mean broken down in greek? ortho= striaght, optics= eye
definition of Orthoptics? science that investigates the motor and sensory adaptations of the eyes. deals with training the patient to use both eye together to obtain comfortable binocular vison.
Strabismus can be treated with what type of exercise? Orthoptics
improvement of visual aquity is greatest in the first ____ years? TWO
Visual aquity gets normal by age _____? FIVE
Newborns will turn their head toward bright light because why? because they can usually just detect bright light
at 6 weeks old they can make ____ following movements of their eyes; because they are following or tracking a light. irregular
at what age can babies make smooth following movements? 3 months
4-6 months babies will start to develop __/___ coordination and will start to reach for objects. hand/eye
at 9 months babies have about a ___/___ visual acuity and can see the big E. 20/200
At one year old their visual acuity is ___/___? 20/100
At two years old their visual acuity is ___/___? 20/40
At three years old their visual acuity is ___/__? 20/30
by age 5 their visual acuity should be ____/___? 20/20
What are the three steps of assessment of binocular vision? 1.Grade 1 2.Grade 2 3.Grade 3
describe Grade 1 of the assessment of binocular vision? have simultaneous macular perception (both eyes being used at the same time)
describe Grade 2 of the assessment of binocular vision? simultaneous macular perception plus fusion
describe Grade 3 of the assessment of binocular vision? simultaneous macular perception plus fusion plusdepth perception
definition of suppression ? not using one eye (brain shuts off the input from an eye )
definition of diplopia ? double vision (can cause supression)
______ causes amblyopia ? supression
if the eye shuts vision off long enough amblyopia becomes _______? Amblyopia Exanopsia
what is amblopia exanopsia? permanent loss of vision in that eye
this is the determination of a patients field of vision by a 2 dimensional mapping of their entire viewing area? Visual Fields
What are the 4 Preliminary Procedures? 1.Generally describe patients behavior 2.check visual acuity 3.check color vision 4.purpose person is receiving visual field test
Do you need equipment for the confrontation test? NO special equipment needed
5 steps of the confrontation test? 1.Face pat 2' apart 2.Opposite eyes are occluded& each fiaxates on the others open eye 3.examination moves their finger 4.Patient should have back toward the light or light source 5.all 4 quadrants should be tested
Perimeter (field plotting device) is used how? eye at center of rotation of a hemisphere with a radius of 33cm.
the perimeter tests what? tests peripheral and central fields
What does the tangent screen test? tests for central 30 degrees of field
should patient wear their glasses for the tangent screen test? YES
what is the screen for the tangent screen made out of? black felt
the tangent screen test is conducted __to __ meters from the eye? 1-2mm
the test objects for the tangent screen test are __/__ from 1 to 50 mm in diameter? disks/balls
the test object is held with a ___ and is the test object is also a flat black color. wand
at a distance of 1 meter the average blind spot is 12-15 degrees ____ ? temporally
black pins can be inserted into the screen to indicate ___ ? blind spots
What is Isopter? map of circumference of a visual field determined by a test object of a certain size and with the patient at a certain distance from the tangent screen
isopter is noted as a ____. fraction
in the isopter the numerator is __ and denominator is ____?(both in mm) numerator is size of object, denominator is distance from patient to screen
explain what Harrington Flicks Visual Field Screener Quick Rough Test is? 10cards, patient fixates on central dot, light is turned on in box for short time
Amsler Chart detects what two things? field anomalies in central 20 degrees of viisual fields and detects microscopic area of macular or perimacular edema
in normal visual field the average peripheral limits are what? 95 degrees temporally 75 degrees downward 60 degrees inward 60 degrees upward
binocular field width is about ____ degrees? 190
absolute visual fields are obtained by rotating the ___ and __? eye, head
in Pathological Visual fields if field loss results from something in front of the retina the patient has a sensation of see something ____ blocking their vision? DARK
In Pathological Visual Fields if the loss is due to damage of the optic nerve or brain there is a loss of vision but no sensation of ____? BLACKNESS
In Pathological Visual Fields with ___ disease both types of vision loss can occur retinal
Define Scotoma? area of partial or complete blindness within the confines of a normal visual field
what does broken through mean when referring to scotoma? it means scotoma has reached the peripheral/periphery
complete blindness is also known as what? absolute scotoma
what are the 5 types of scotoma? 1.Central 2.Pericentral 3.Paracentral Scotoma 4.Cecal 5.Arcuate
Central Scotoma involves the ___ area and always results in decreased VA? fixation
Pericentral Scotoma is scotoma around the ___ area? fixation
Paracentral Scotoma is scotoma to __ side of the fixation area? one
Cecal Scotoma involves the area of the ___ blind spot ? normal ( attached to the blind spot)
Arcuate (Bjerrum/comet type) scotoma extends around the fixation area from the blind spot to the ___ side in an __? nasal side, arc
the arc shape in Arcuate Scotoma usually occurs __ or __ the fixation point? above, below
intensity of scotoma can range from ___ blindness to ___ any blindness? Absolute, barley any
if scotoma is not total/absolute it is called ____ scotoma? relative
What is contraction of visual field ? blindness starting at periphery and invading the field toward the center
this occupies half of the visual field and is almost always bilateral? hemianopic
What is homonymous ? blindness starting at periphery at the same side in both eyes
What is Heminopia? blindness in right half of both visual fields
what is congruous? defects in both visual fields are superimposable(same size and shape)
visual field defect due to patients emotional status? hysterical visual field
typical hysterical field is 10-20 degrees ____ central vision? tubular
____ remains the same regardless of test distance in hysterical visual fields? SIZE
if visual field increases at greater distances (tunnel vision) you could suspect what three things? 1.syphilis 2.Retinitis Pigmentation 3.Glaucoma
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